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Full Version: Larry Holmes Interview
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FH: Hi Larry, nice to have you.
LH: Good to be here.

FH: Larry, talk about your inactivity. Are you really retired or just taking a layoff.
LH: I'm retired. Look, I haven't had the heart to do this since I beat Lanky Maxy Gawn back in the day. I was hungry for the TOS fight. I was hungry for the Dipsy Gawn fights. Very hungry. I wanted to destory him. I was hungry for the Lanky Gawn fight because he was a legend and a great champion during my time as a prospect. Lanky was a dominant champion and I beat him up and finished him. I don't think Lanky's been the same since he retired the first time. Now he's just a shell of his former self. I was really hungry for the Kinto fight because I was knocked out by the man he knocked out and I wanted redeption because I really being disrespected by the media. I wanted to show the world who Larry Holmes was.

FH: The current Heavyweight Champion, Semen "Cuban Link" Pink has called you out. What is your response?
LH: Look man, Cuban Link ain't a bad fighter..but he lost to Solid Snake. Semen has some decent wins over Holyfield, Snake, and Alexeev but he needs to build up a good solid title run if he ever thinks of calling me as for right now, I decline his request. I don't need to fight him. If he builds his name up then maybe, just maybe we can do it down the line. I know he's a young cat looking to take names and Larry Holmes happens to be a huge name.

FH: What about've always said that you wanted another chance to fight him?
LH: Look, we fought THREE times, and he clearly got the best of me man. I mean, I thought I clearly won the first fight, but he pulled out the next two and showed he was a true champion. Like I said, I took out my frustrations on his cousin, Lanky. Of course I would like a chance, but whatever man, I don't really care.

FH: You've expressed great interest in fighting Cyrus "Iron" Virus though...
LH: I have and that is a fight I'd love. Cyrus "Iron" Virus was champ during my days a young prospect on the come up. He was quite a fighter in his prime. He's a sideshow now but I'd still love to get it on with him man...he's a fun fighter to watch and we'd give the crowd a great fight. I mean, that guy's nuts man. He's been to prison, rehab, everything.

FH: You know, you've basically fought every great fighter minus "Iron" and Harry Angus. What about Harry?
LH: Holmes vs. Angus was discussed a few times but he stayed at Cruiserweight for the most part. He was unbeatable there man. He didn't mind me and Dipsy all that much. He was looking for TOS. But TOS was retired. We mentioned each others names but it was never seriously discussed. To be honest, that is a fight I'd come back for. Angus always respected me. He sees my record and well I ain't beat too many great fighters besides Lanky and Kinto, but he knows he's in for a tough fight. No one has ever had an easy time with Holmes. I'd have many advantages over him and it would be a mistake challenging me because I am still very much in my prime. But I'm looking for the big money big name fights that never happened. Cuban Link? Muthafucka build a legacy first. I beat several contenders and former champions. I'm a legend. Ask any fighter. They'll tell you I'm a legend. Oh and unlike Dipsy and Harold, I don't care about fighting TOS. He's a legend, but he hasn't fought in like...forever. He's old and fat.

FH: Wait, what about Kinto?
LH: Kinto had balls fighting me but I'll be honest, he hasn't looked impressive since our fight. He couldn't stop Buster Douglas man..Buster Douglas. Kinto had him hurt several times but he just couldn't finish him. Kinto hits like a mule but that's about it for him. Put him in with a skilled fighter like me, he losses and losses big. I said I'd give him a rematch but I think he should fight bums for a few weeks more. I want to rest.

FH: Larry, your whole career you've been respected by opponents but fans tend to dislike you...until you beat Kinto Mulberry, you were severly underrated. You always wanted to win the title AGAIN..why don't you fight Cuban Link?
LH: Cuban Links a good kid but there are other young contenders he can fight. I'd like to see him fight The Prince from Insanity International. That would be a good fight. Like I said, buid a legacy first, man. Your on a good start already..just keep doing your thing. And maybe we'll do it one day. The old lion vs. the new blood.

FH: Larry, who was your favorite fighter to watch? Alot of old greats have been asked this question recently.
LH: That's a tough one man. Of course I have to say Zab Judah is one of my top 5 or top 3. He's crazy man. I don't know if he's right in the head 100%. He's a huge crack cocaine addict and alot of times he just seems down and depressed. I'm telling you man, when that guy fights and spars, he brings the PAIN. Zab is so explosive, it's crazy. I like Roger Mayweather too. He talked alot of shit, but he backed it up. I like Kindred Cole. Smart fighter. And I really like Miguel Cotto. He's fun to watch. I also like that Josh Joshua guy. The one who beat Hope back in the day. And I got to show love to Montiel, Gorres, Here We Go, and No Fear. And how could I forget KINTO MULBERRY. And I respect Dipsy alot.

FH: Thank you Larry.
LH: Thank you for having me.

Larry aint no joke!
laugh.gif @ how Holmes degrades Buster Douglas laugh.gif

Buster never had a chance sad.gif
CyruS, I know your setting up Buster Douglas to be champion and score the upset of the century..ala Tyson-Douglas.

You ruined it!

Let me just tell you right now...he has no chance.

It's possible! Don't ruin the DREAM! black eye.gif
I'm liking all these interviews and it seems more and more people are beginning to respect the legend that is Dipsy Gawn!

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