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Full Version: Miguel Cotto (via Interpreter) : "I will never retire!"
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We here at FHWeBL recently sat down with 7-time World Champion in 2 Divisions, the reigning 2-time Lightweight Champion Of The World, Miguel Cotto.

FH : How you doing Miguel?

Cotto via Interpreter : I am doing very well, thanks for asking.

FH : Miguel, you're lined up to make the 2nd defense of the lightweight title against top contender Andreas Amadeus, you're thoughts?

Cotto via Interpreter : I expect a tough matchup as I always believe everytime I step into the ring. Amadeus is a deserving challenger, in his last fight he did defeat Ray De los Santos a fighter that has beaten me 4 times.

FH : How do you feel about the fact that Santos has beaten you 4 straight times in all 4 fights you have had with him, including that first round knockout loss you suffered in the last fight?

Cotto via Interpreter : It doesn't feel good to say the least. That last fight I was careless and paid the price. In our 4 fights together, I lost by 3 very close decisions and I actually believe I won the 2nd fight, but it's not like I have never been in this position before. Tera Patrick had my number for a while but I finally beat her in her last match so I believe I can get to Santos one day, or maybe it just comes down to the fact that every fighter has some other fighter that has their number period. Santos is a great fighter regardless, my hat off to him and I wish him future success.

FH : Miguel, you have seemingly resurrected your career with that Fight Of The Year candidate with Jay-Jay Judah when you knocked him out in the 12th round to win the lightweight title for the 2nd time. This is the same Jay-Jay that beat the #1 pound for pound fighter in the world, Joan Guzman twice. What were your thoughts after the big win?

Cotto via Interpreter : That I knew it was a big win and a great fight, all I care about is giving the fans great fights to remember me by and fighting top level opposition, I knew how much I wanted the title and the win, I was hungry enough and I was simply better than Jay-Jay that day. I am sure when we get it on again he will make the necessary adjustments and I'll have do something different to try and turn the tide.

FH : I recently interviewed Harold Angus and he mentioned that you are his fav. fighter of all time, your thoughts?

Cotto via Interpreter : That's great to hear. I'm glad a champion of Angus's caliber thinks of me that highly. That right there is what it's all about for me, respect from my peers and fans.

FH : Miguel, you have had an incredibly long career. You are a pioneer of this sport and it's almost impossible how you are still fighting at this level. You have fought since June 17, 2007 and have never retired or taken a break, how the hell are you still doing this when everyone knows you have been in some serious battles?

Cotto via Interpreter : My Heart and will and good training. I have been in some wars with some of the greatest fighters of all times. I really can't tell you how I am still doing this but I am.

FH : You are 58 fight veteran, fighting your 59th fight tomorrow night, after all these wars tell me this, how many injury points do you really have?

Cotto via Interpreter : I'd rather not say.

FH : Come on Miguel, the people want to know, you have no doubt loss some ability, the question is how much?

Cotto via Interpreter : I won't specifically answer your question but lets just say you and everyone else would be quite surprised, I can keep fighting for quite some time...

FH : You're not going to retire anytime soon?

Cotto via Interpreter : I will never retire.

FH : Miguel, that is dangerous you could end up with serious medical problems if you continue to fight.

Cotto via Interpreter : I am very confident in my abilities. Quite frankly, I truly believe I will never retire.

FH : Change of pace, who would you say was your toughest opponent in your career thus far?

Cotto via Interpreter : That is a good question. If I had to chose just one, I would say it would have to be Tera Patrick, we were always in war.

FH : Safe to say your toughest fight would be a Tera Patrick fight?

Cotto via Interpreter : Yeah, I would say the last fight with Patrick. Very tough fight. She wanted to go into retirement with a big win, I was very hungry to beat Patrick that night because it was my last chance to avenge my defeats. I love Patrick, she is a great fighter and I wish her all the best in retirement.

FH : What would you say is your greatest win or wins?

Cotto via Interpreter : Very good question. After thinking about it, I am not sure I could name just one. Jay-Jay fight is up there. When I sent Zab Judah into retirement for the first time. My 1st rematch with Buddy Shine. And defeating the great Carlos Maussa for my first world title. And a few others.

FH : Speaking of Zab Judah, he's been having quite a few words for you lately.

Cotto via Interpreter : So I hear. I fear Zab is back to his old drug habits. The people might have forgotten this, but after I retired Zab the first time, I bought Zab Judah's land & Mansion in Puerto Rico. He's my next door neighbor! So to hear this from him lately, he is either up to his old habits or in need of money. I pray for him.

FH : Finally, Who is your fav. fighter of all time?

Cotto via Interpreter : Wow, hmmmm. I would have say Here We Go, one of the greatest fighters I have ever seen and had the pleasure to train with. A true legend. No Fear is another one. And I know this may seem odd coming from me considering my style of fighting but one my fav. fighters happens to be Dipsy Gawn. I know it sounds strange but it's true. People like to down him because the level of competition he had while he went on his legendary title run with the heavyweight title but fact remains he had to step into the ring and beat everyone they put in front of him, you can't ask anymore from a fighter. I respect that and him, he is under appreciated and I know people would rather see him come up and stop the Heavyweight title being traded around seemingly every week. People would pay big money to see Dipsy Gawn taken out by a hungry heavyweight legit.

FH : Thank you for your time Miguel, we will talk again soon.
Cotto has always shown massive respect for his rivals and other fighters and that enhances his reputation even further.

I can't seriously believe he hasn't lost many IP's....surely he must've lost some AP's ... at least ONE??

Funny thing is, he couldn't beat Santos but he's beaten much better fighters than Santos. In fact he can get his chance to avenge his defeats to Santos whenever he wants because Ray doesn't work at Krumbsnatcher anymore. He's taken so many beatings that he's lost AP's and been transferred to one of the bum gyms along with Tony Palomino, Emory Cabana, Sawney Bean, Smooth Eddie Chaplin and a few others I can't think of off the top of my head.

Dipsy Gawn and Harry Angus will be ringside for Cotto's rematch with Amadeus with both of them predicting he will regain his belts.
Cotto would like to take on Santos next win, lose or draw.

As far as the IP/AP question, NO COMMENT

Judah softened Santos up.

Notice Santos has been a finished fighter since Judah drilled him.
Maxy, you mind if I have Rey. I feel bad for ruining him.
No I don't mind at all.
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