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Full Version: Post the name of your gym(s).
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For instance....I only have one gym......Insanity International.

I know some of the guys in the League don't post that much, if at all, here on our FH board....and some of you have 3 or more gyms....let's get all that out in the open....
Team Judah
Def Jam Boxing
Big-G's Bum Gym
You know what could help us get hyped again? If all those good shit talkers in the Press Releases at WEBL started posting HERE....

Since you're one of the 3 Promoters, G......maybe you could make a serious announcement over there and request that from them?

I'm thinking this should be stickied too....
My main gym is the Arena SHO gym.

Ive also got the Universum, No Way Out and SUPERNOVA gyms.
Alright Ill do that
Blade. Your bum gyms are too good. I hate you smile.gif

I have Bigjuicyhog's Gym

and the epic Bums R Us by Bigjuicyhog.
I forget the name of my gym, but everyone knows my fighter! laugh.gif
Spyder you ruined prince of pain's hopes and dreams. He has been one of the best punching bag of the WeBL though. He's a good record padder
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