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Full Version: Who is greater...Zab Judah or Miguel Cotto?
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Both are two division champions. Judah is a former JWW and WW champ. Cotto is a former LW and JWW champ.

Miguel Cotto and Zab Judah have fought 3 times. Cotto won all three fights. KO 4, KO 12, WUD 12.

Judah top 10 biggest wins:

WUD 12 Mike Taylor (4th fight)
TKO 11 Herman Ngoudjo
KO 1 Paul Malignaggi
TKO 6 Cyrus "Running Man" Virus
KO 7 Carlos Maussa
KO 11 Ray De Los Santos
KO 1 Jabdiel Judah (2nd fight)
TKO 2 Mike Taylor (3rd fight)
TKO 9 Shane Mosley
KO 12 Cyrus "Lights Out" Virus

Cotto's top 10 biggest wins:

WUD 12 Zab Judah (3rd fight)
KO 10 Joan Guzman
KO 12 Jay-Jay Judah
TKO 6 Carlos Maussa
WUD 12 Luis Collazo
KO 10 Sublime Buddy Shine
WUD 12 Jabdiel Judah (4th fight)
TKO 10 Tera Patrick
KO 10 Jesse Jane
WUD 12 Muckles Reilly
ooooo....greater?......that's a tough head says Cotto because he was naturally smaller and won all 3 head to heads....but my heart says Judah....he was the first fighter to become promoter, and his wrath led to Maussa's death....I don't know....

Except of TOS I dont know anyone whos as big of a name and a legend as these two. Cotto was always a great fighter, Zab had his time struggling, but Zab was probably the greatest talker ever, so I got it even between these two.

By the way G, do you have any plans with Ngoudjo in the future? Id take him back if you dont need him anymore.
I pick "undecided"

Sure you can have him back...looking at his stats, he's just totaly RIGHT for Zab to beat on...great fighter. I hope he wins titltes in the future
I've gone for undecided.

These two are both great fighters and they both have a habit of rising from the dead.
Cotto is greater. He never did drugs or drank alcohol and he's been fighting top level opposition while never retiring or having a break. That is skill at its finest.
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