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Full Version: Zab Judah - On another quest to win the JWW and WW titles!
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Judah, who right now is a manic depressive former champion, has been asked by his fellow gym members to kick the habit of drugs and lead them once again.

Judah has been through alot..he lost his homie Maussa, and someone from the 36 chambers murdered his he is really on the down.

But Team Judah just lost two of its champions and really has no one our greatest inspiration/fighter is still hungry and will fight to BE THE P4P KING.

"I still ain't lost the hunger...knahmsayin?"

Those words should send CHILLS to everyone on here......

anyone that beast 300 IP points into Ngdoujou is a monster.

*Judah! Judah! Judah!*
Judah has been a great fighter but surely he has lost a few AP's by now and can't ever get back to the top?

He ruined Shyne the other day, I had to send him to one of the bum gyms.
Judah is a HERO and right now team Judahs only chnce for success..of course he'll do it. The whole team is counting on Zab. He wont let them down.
Judahs head hunting style is definitely entertaining. Ngoudjo can tell about that biggrin.gif
Sometimes Judah like to beat a person down and sometimes he just likes to knock a MFer out
When Rick "Judah Killa" Jones beats the stuffing out of Darth Maul again, the matchup that has been 30 plus weeks in the making should take place. Jones vs Judah for the WW title....and winner gets Judah's milk money that Jones stole when Zab was a kid.

Judah will move up to take on his childhood bully...
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