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Full Version: HEY BGv2.0!
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Byrd Man
QUOTE(BGv2.0 @ Aug 3 2008, 08:06 PM) [snapback]398825[/snapback]
And Byrd need to take that Max pic's so disturbing. That or make a little gif of it with a black and white hypno swirl in the background! lol

Can you hook that up? Mucho Gracias. Or something.
I can't do it man.....I only use a ANCIENT version of Adobe, it's MUCH better than newer versions....but it cannot work with gifs. That's its one lone drawback. A may have a buddy that can do it though...I'm going to present it to him.

Byrd Man
cool. If you need a newer version, just let me know.
QUOTE(Byrd Man @ Aug 6 2008, 02:08 PM) [snapback]399346[/snapback]
cool. If you need a newer version, just let me know.

Max looks like a weird Magician in that Pic. LOL
He looks like he put a little bit too much eyeliner in that one.

Plus the way he's looking at the camera is a little freaky.
gods son
max is funny, i swear he's not even human, some android type figure!

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