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Full Version: This is when it's a clear sign to HANG UP THE GLOVES
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I remember a while back Demarcus Corley and Williams Joppy fought on some card in South Carolina and the guys they were fighting had an ridiculously obscene amount of loses on their records. I said, 'why are these guys fighting guys like this". But I guess they both needed a win at all cost.

Corley I've heard recently lost AGAIN. But even worse than Corley and what made me write the thread is a fav boxer of mine, Monte(ll) Griffin.

I've always liked him because I like his style and while he was no world beater its still amazing to me how a guy his height was able to be a very competitive Lt Heavyweight.

I was going to attend his fight in Chicago in June but I couldn't make it. I had no idea he was fighting over the weekend and wow. Apparently he was "STARCHED" badly but heres the kicker. The guy he fought had a whopping 5 friggin fights ohmy.gif ohmy.gif..

Then I noticed the fight I was going to attend his previous one, the guy had 17 fights (he was 15-2)..

Look, sometimes it just come time to "HANG UP THE GLOVES". Surely he went over to Kazkastan(sp?)because I'm certain the offer was pretty lucrative. But to lose to a guy with 5 fights and you have 50, come on. Hang'em up. There isn't that much jetlagg out there in the world.

Yea I heard about that, Shumenov, I think he was a 2004 Olympian. I heard he was shut out. Definitely time to hang it up.
King Eugene
He aint been the same since Roy dropped him in 1!
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