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Full Version: Pascal vs. Sloan V is ON!
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Finally come Sunday, August 10th, THE fight to determine the UNDISPUTED universally recognized Super Middleweight Champion of the World is ON!
It's Jean Pascal (44-9 19KOs) vs. Tyrone "Soup Bone" Sloan (31-16 30KOs)!
It's the possibly athletically most gifted fighter against the possibly most dangerous puncher in the game!

They have fought 4 times already and no fight went the distance. Pascal already had defended his title against Sloan three times successfully and three times Sloan tasted the canvas. But all of a sudden when Pascal had finally become a dominant champion Sloan came out there slugging in their 4th fight and absolutely destroying Pascal in a fight that made you believe that there was no way Pascal could beat him. Right after that Sloan destroyed legendary Roy Jones Jr. in similar fashion and the boxing experts were sure Sloan was going to rule the division from then on. Unfortunately though he had to vacate his title and become inactive for a while, but now hes back, hes already scored a KO again and the fight is on!

Pascal vs. Sloan V for the Super Middleweight Crown!

There is some bad blood between the fighters.

Pascal: "I cant stand this guy. Hes a crazy freak who cant box. Yeah he can punch, he caught me once, but everyone who knows about boxing knows he jsut got lucky. I knocked this bum out THREE times! Three times! Sunday its gonna be easy work for me once again and I think I will send him into retirement once and for all. Im sure the reason he became inactive and vacated his title because he knew I would get a rematch some time. ow I got it and I will KO him. Thats guaranteed."
Blayde, you know I respect Pascal...he beat my guys. But he made a mistake accpeting this fight.
I've gone for Pascal but its one of those fights that really is difficult to decide on. I don't think it's gonna go the distance.
QUOTE(Soup Bone to reporter concerning Pascal)
Looky here....he learned his lesson. He ain't MAN enough to throw with me........and if he tries to run, he'll get no respect, and he'll STILL get knocked the fuck out.

So this is to YOU, Pascal. How you wanna go out? Like a coward?....or like a man?

Here's an interesting bio on The 2 Time Super Middleweight Champion below.....

Tyrone "Soup Bone" Sloan won The International Maximum Security Prison Championship in 2006. He won every street fight he`s ever been in. It is rumored that Mister Sloan killed at least 10 men with his bare hands during his incarceration. It is also rumored that the crude street fighter/MMA hype job, Kimbo Slice, patterned himself after The Legendary Soup Bone...virtually stealing both his intimidating beard and combat style.

All Mister Sloan has ever known was after he was released, he decided he wanted to be heavily compensated for knocking people unconscious. After a long and rough transition wearing gloves and obeying rules, he has perfected his craft and worked his way up to the mountain top.

Im going with the soup!



Sloan dropped and stunned Pascal almost each and every round.....floored him with the 2nd punch he threw in the 1st.....Soup Bone gasses from beating the shit outta him, and Pascal connects with a desperation haymaker from the grave in the 10th....unbelievable.
Soup Bones corner let him down. He'd destroyed Pascal and there was absolutely no way he could lose a decision, but he didn't use his head and box the last 4 rounds smart because he wanted to knock Pascal out.

I don't think anyone would have minded if he'd shut up shop for the last few rounds and took the fight on points but I guess that's just not the II way.

I didn't fail him....we went out there and executed the plan we BOTH wanted to you's just not the II way......we don't like to cruise...we prefer to stay in the fast lane and trample our victims into submission or unconsciousness...besides....that's what true warriors wanna do....that's why we're feared by our opponents and adored by the fans.....

Pascal must be feeling like he got hit by a Mack truck today....he went through absolute Hell last night.....and even though he won, I know he's regretting it ....I wouldn't be surprised if he's considering retiring so he don't have to go through that ever again....

Sloan is still The Man at Super Middle as far as I'm's only a matter of time before he gets his belt back.....
come from behind KO of the year
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Aug 10 2008, 12:41 PM) [snapback]399897[/snapback]
come from behind KO of the year

It was more exhaustion than a punch that KOed Sloan...Pascal is the luckiest fighter in the league today.
LOL what a fight was that biggrin.gif

End of the day Pascals number one biggrin.gif
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