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Full Version: Got Madden '09 yesterday...
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I used to be a big Madden freak in the early-mid '90s...haven't played it (or avidly followed Football for that matter) since the game's's almost TOO realistic....I don't know....I can't just be lazy and Own like I used have to constantly stay on your toes and make some serious pre snap moves if you really wanna wreck's like I'm having to learn Football all over again....maybe it's easy for those of you who have kept up with the game every year...but's pretty deep to this 37 year old man with the dead brain

Fuck it...gimmie a month, and I'll be ready for Toney....
Yeah, CEO, I picked up the 20th Anniversary Edition of Madden '09 yesterday, which includes Headcoach '09, as well as some other interactive and DVD content.

The game looks sick...and you're right....very interactive and very realistic.

I only played one game (to get my feet wet) - Philly vs. Dallas, and I know I have work to do as far as getting my shit together. A lot going on in this one.
I've only played one game so far too...played my heart out and Titans against the Texans....10-7

My pass defense barely ranks on the Madden IQ evaluator....I think my overall IQ was in the 470s....
I got it yesterday but didnt get a chance to play it. I will play it tonight. I played a half on the DS version before bed.

Whoever got it for 360 hit me up AKay724=XBL

We are going to start a league soon, I hate playing random cheesy people on XBL or quitters.

My pass defense barely ranks on the Madden IQ evaluator....I think my overall IQ was in the 470s....

Mne was like 484, but it was ALL offensive weighted. I failed miserably on the defensive tests.

Admittedly, I havent read the manuel so didn't know which buttons did what on D.
same here meth. My defense is horrendous. I was allpro in both offense categories and rookie in the defense lol.
my IQ is 416.
And I lost to my boy online 28-14 had tons of turnovers.
I kept looking for the "jump the snap" button, but I guess that is no longer a feature, as I went to the controls page on the in-game menu and it does not come up anywhere.

Slight button differences, but I should adjust in due time.

Played one more game yesterday....again Philly/Dallas, and lost again, but I am getting better in the two games I played. I like this version SO MUCH BETTER than 2008.

The graphics are a helluva lot better, as is the game fluidity (fps). I previously favored 2007 over 2008. so I sold my 2008 the other day. Now I can sell my 2007.

I dig the fact that the game includes all of the recent draft picks. I think one of my probles is my penchant for trying to go to fucking Desean Jackson too much, hen the fucker is unproven in the pros (and hence, Madden)....but he's so damn fast.

My overall D is still pretty weak. I am decent enough, but when I call the wrong formation, I get steamrolled it seems. Or, one missed tackle and its quick 6.

It seems that if you manually bring a free safety up to the line to blitz, the AI of the CPU QB knows to go over the top where your guy should have been.
I started a franchise with the Titans last night and won the first game of the season against a good Jaguars team.....14-10....I had to hold them in the red zone for the final minute of the was intense.

My IQ is now up to an even overall record is 1-2. I'm getting better....I'm not doing the draft picks because I don't have a clue who any of them
How many "rewinds" per game?
I had one rewind in two of the games.....none in the online game I you can't use them there....

and for the record....I didn't use it on that last minute, goal line stand I made......I just kept calling all the right was EPIC.
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