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Full Version: Pavlik vs Trinidad.. Another dream fight...
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In their PRIMES of course. Right now, Pavlik would absolutely BRUTALIZE Tito.

But what about Pre-Hopkins Trinidad vs Pavlik??...

Only thing I can say is that its not likely to go the distance.
I'm not certain at all...but I think I'd have to lean towards Pavlik....he's naturally taller and bigger, got a strong chin of his own, and throws so many punches in bunches...with more power than Tito has ever experienced....we know Tito wouldn't try to box him...and after seeing what happened in Cotto-Margarito, I have to start putting more consideration into size differentials again.....

Maybe a Pavlik KO within 10....
It really is a difficult one. But I don't think Pavlik could take the amount of punches from Trinidad that Margarito took from Cotto. Not without getting busted up badly.

Biggest problem for Tito here would be that he NEVER faced a puncher. Not a TRUE puncher at least. Pavlik can hit.

I think its a "pick em" fight honestly.
I'd go with Pav. in 8 rounds..Pav. is too tall for Tito and definitely has more power than anyone he has faced..Pav. is soo great with his 1-2 that most fighters would have major problems with him..He also can mix his punches up when he needs to with hooks and uppercuts..Anyone who is very good at using the 1-2 or any jab,right hand combo has proven to be serious threats to everyone..Tarver is another guy with a amazing jab,left hand combo and he's had a great career(he does throw other punches when throwing long combos)..Pac-man is another guy who ONLY had a jab,left hand combo and was dominating everyone(once he got his right hook he proved to be 100 times better than before)...So I go with Pav. with a 8 round KO..
I think Tito had the quicker and more accurate hands when he was in his prime. This fight would boil down to who could get to who first and since Tito has the speed advantage I'm going with him.
Tito would have crushed him in close to the same fashion that he did Joppy
Pavlik would KO him late! I just think that he would have been to long and strong for "Tito". let's not forget that Tito is a welterweight!!!!!
Tito hit like a truck and Pavlik doesn't have the defensive skills to stay away from Tito's power but same probably goes for Tito. Would be a war while it lasted for sure.
Kelly Pavlik is simply too big, long and strong for Tito. He would back Trinidad up from jump and annhilate him within 5-6 rounds. Miranda was all offense and a whole helluva lot bigger and stronger than Tito is at 160, and look how Pavlik handled his one dimensional ass, a straight up whitewash. Pavlik would walk Tito down(he wouldn't be backing up), jab him to death, and finish him in brutal fashion. The fight would be just like Gerald McClellan-Julian Jackson, good while it lasted, but the stronger, better fighter would prevail. And like I said earlier, it would be pretty good while it lasted, because Trinidad like Jackson would never back up, just too one dimensional, but what a dimension!
Tito flattens Pavlik within 5.
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