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Full Version: Deep Freeze to challenge for Cruiserweight crown
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Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn has been granted a title fight against world cruiserweight king Jong "Red Death" Shaoting. Former super middleweight and light heavyweight champion Deep Freeze has long toyed with the idea of a cruiserweight challenge and following Red Death's close decision victory over Allan Green to retain his title Freeze made his move.

He said, "I said I wanted the winner of that fight and I was ringside to watch it with a contract in my hand. I know its my last shot at glory so I just had to take this opportunity."
Green: "Its not good for boxing that the sanctioning bodies are accepting this fight. Everybody saw that I clearly deserve a rematch and I should have got it immediately. It wont make a big difference though. If Freeze gets the title, Ill punish him again. And I will definitely get a fight against Shaoting again anyway."

I must say I think Deep Freeze will win the fight. Shaoting will probably be facing an opponent whos even quicker than he is and Shaoting doesnt have any power.
Both Butkiss and Green have failed to go from Light Heavyweight to win the cruiserweight title.

Deep Freeze has his work cut out for him since you know compared to the cruiserweight weight limit, Deep Freeze will be coming in very light.
Shaoting: "Im going to take this fight like any other fight. As a great challenge. I know that Deep Freeze is a master boxer, but he is far from unbeatable. He is coming way up in weight and I think that will be a deciding factor. I am all for fighting everyone. Deep Freeze is a legend, and should I get by him I would like to face Harry Angus."
In the rematch after the first fight was declared a draw, Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn shocked the boxing world by knocking out Jong "Red Death" Shaoting to capture the world cruiserweight title, his 3rd weight division championship. Red Death seemed to be in control of that fight as he used his reach advantage to great affect, pipping off Freeze with his excellent jab. At the end of round nine the fight was definitely slipping away from the veteran legend.

Here is what was said between rounds 9 and 10.

Howard Goldstone (trainer) "You're losing it son, you gotta do something special or this is it for you!"
Deep Freeze "I gotta load up on the punches, I gotta put this guy on his ass!"
Howard Goldstone (trainer) "Be smart, wait for the moment and take him outta there...he don't have no idea about your power!"
Deep Freeze "This is my time, I ain't gonna let this go. All or nothing, lets do this!"

Freeze came out for the 10th unmarked and fresh. He banged both gloves together and immeditaely his intentions were clear to everyone in the crowd. He was going for the knockout against the naturally much bigger man who outweighed him on the night by at least 21IBS.

Suddenly a short powerful hook sent Red Death crashing to the canvas! He didn't look like he would beat the count but rose at 9 looking bewildered by Freeze's power. Back pedalling Red Death pumped out the jab in an attempt to stop the onslaught from Freeze but it was to no avail. A looping cross to the temple sent the champion to the canvas again and the sell out crowd gasped in shock as Freeze pumped his fists into the air!
Once again Red Death scrambled to his feet at 9 but the writing was on the wall. Red Death needed to stay on his feet or the fight was over but he just couldn't keep away from Freeze. A wonderfully fast and accurate straight left hand smashed onto Red Death's chin and as he dropped to the canvas the referee waved it over.

Non-punching former super middleweight legend Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn had just done the impossible. He had knocked out a man much bigger than himself, a man who had beaten huge punchers like Allan Green, Odlanier Solis Fonte and Mark Hunt, a man who nobody really gave him a chance with. It was quite simply an incredible performance and one that marks Deep Freeze out as arguably the greatest fighter to ever come out of the Krumbsnatcher gym.

Speaking to the press a jubilant Deep Freeze said, "First of all I wanna dedicate this victory to Wexley Gawn. His condition is still very bad, very serious and all we can do is pary to God that he recovers. I wanna thank everyone whose supported me in my career, through the ups and the downs, the triumphs and the times when it looked all over for me. I knew I could hurt Red Death. I watched the tape of the first fight where he went all-out on me a couple of times without any success and figured that if I need to hurt him, I got enough of a beard and enough power myself to stun him. I loaded up in that 10th round and he had no answer. From the moment he first went down I knew I had him. Speed kills and I'm one quick fighter...thats something everyone already knew about me. The extra weight didn't bother me. I came in just over the light heavyweight limit because I didn't wanna sacrifice my speed and everything I worked on in the gym paid off. I'm delighted man. This is one of the greatest nights of my career."

When asked if it was his final fight Deep Freeze appeared to suggest it most definitely was but a few people in the backround started shouting, "What about McGuiness?" Nigel McGuiness the current light heavyweight champion and a fellow brit would be a huge fight at Wembley Stadium.

Deep Freeze paused before saying, "I just got told he beat Silva tonight so I can't entirely rule that out. I think he's a fighter I can beat but I'm not sure if its a challenge I really need right now. I've already been light heavyweight champion...but who knows, maybe we can work something out. Right now I'm gonna enjoy this victory, spend some time with my family and travel the world watching fights. Who knows, I might even challenge Cuban Link for the heavyweight title...that kid knows I got his number, haha."
QUOTE(Nigel McGuinness - Undisputed Light Heavyweight Champion Of The World)
I just got done watching Deep Freeze-Shoating II and that was one bloody good performance by my fellow brit. He dug down deep and knocked out a much bigger man and Freeze is known as a non-knockout puncher. Watching the replay of this fight and seeing what his corner was saying and how Deep Freeze responded...... it made me proud to be english. Deep Freeze did all of the united kingdom proud and he is the legend of the U.K.

When asked about the post-fight interview where McGuinness was mentioned as a possible opponent for Deep Freeze for a fight in Wembley Stadium, McGuinness had this to say.

QUOTE(Nigel McGuinness - Undisputed Light Heavyweight Champion Of The World)
Interesting fight. The Legend of the U.K. versus the Pride of the U.K. I think it would be an immense fight for all of the United Kingdom. It's also a double-edge sword for myself because growing up Deep Freeze was my hero and still is, I am just not sure, I would have to think about that for a while. I got alot of things on my mind since I am currently have problems with the cowards from International Insanity.
Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn has, at least for the moment, ruled out a fight between himself and Nigel McGuiness telling reporters, "I don't feel it's a fight either of us need right now and maybe it's a fight neither of us will ever feel the need to make. I can honestly say that I will not be actively pursuing a fight with Nigel McGuinness for the foreseeable future even if the British fans want it. What I will be doing is giving the kid advice if he ever needs it - not so much on boxing but on the pressures he'll encounter as champion of the world. I've seen many a fighter fail to achieve what they were potentially good enough to achieve because outside influences overwhelmed them. Nigel seems like a level headed guy but my door is always open. I'll be ringside for his fight against Hearns and I hope he can do to business."
That was probably Deep Freeze's best win...HOF spot was waiting for him regardless of the outcome..the win just made him very legendary in the league.
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Sep 1 2008, 01:52 PM) [snapback]402755[/snapback]
That was probably Deep Freeze's best win...HOF spot was waiting for him regardless of the outcome..the win just made him very legendary in the league.

To be totally honest I was shocked at the result.
LoL I was shocked too. Didnt think he had the power to pull that off. Disapointed that I didnt get a shot to win back my title.
QUOTE(BigJuicyHog @ Sep 2 2008, 01:03 PM) [snapback]402833[/snapback]
LoL I was shocked too. Didnt think he had the power to pull that off. Disapointed that I didnt get a shot to win back my title.

Well Deep Freeze was always going to retire after the fight whatever the result but I suppose Red Death should have got the vacant title fight against Allan Green. He should definitely get to fight the winner of that bout though.
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