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Full Version: Judah makes Mike Taylor quit after 7 rounds
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Zab Judah looked like the old Zab Judah against Mike Taylor.

Judah KO 1 Franca in the rematch.
That was a nice one by Zab. When he goes headhunting, there arent many fighters who can survive a round without getting staggered.
Just watched the fight on YouTube


Zab looked like his brilliant best again. Rumours of his demise were premature after that performance.

Zab will get his chance to fight on PPV again biggrin.gif
Did Lord Judah get his groove back?...I'll be impressed if he knocks Franca out in 5 or less...
Yeah, Judah came out with a vengeance...Judah lost to the better man that night against Franca.

You just don't know the anger Judah has in his heart right now (wife passing, bad loss to Franca, etc etc). Judah might have dished out 150 injury points had Taylor not quit. Judah was about to get REAL nasty in round 8....

things won't be the same. Judah is not gonna try to break down Franca. Judah will do what he does best...hurt Franca early and try to finish him off..Judah WILL hurt that boy and I'm aiming for a big KO in 3 and under.

If he doesn't beat Franca early he'll just get the shit beaten out of him AGAIN! laugh.gif

Sometimes people worry about Judah's health after taking beatings....they forget it's LORD JUDAH their talking about..this guy has come back from some of the worst beatings ever in WeBL history.

Remember McPheerson-Judah I? Cotto-Judah III?
More importantly, in giving Taylor another BK style beatdown, Zab became the lineal Jr. Welterweight Champion as Mike Taylor had retired Undisputed Jr. Welterweight Champion after that unification title fight with Paul Malignaggi. The Real Jr. Welterweight title is back in play thumbsup_anim.gif
lol Zab won a title? Sweet...BUT Franca is next.

Zab Judah has just infromed us that he isn't retiring until Cotto retires.

Judah & Cotto final fights NEED to be against each other. That's just how it needs to be.
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