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Full Version: Larry Holmes: "If Semen "Cuban Link" Pink beats Lanky Gawn
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FH: Larry, what's good?
LH: I'm feeling good. I've been in the gym.

FH: Word on the street is, you've called out Cuban Link?
LH: Yes. He impressed me vs. The Prince. He destroyed him, he took his title back in devastating fashion. He's a worthy champion for sure.

FH: He has a tough fight lined up vs. former champion Lanky "Maxy" Gawn. What do you think of that fight and what if Gawn wins?
LH: Listen, Lanky ain't been the same since I whooped him. Lanky just beat his son. That was a big win. But Cuban Link is better than Gawn Jr. I respect Lanky tremendously but all the fans know the deal...I ruined Lanky Gawn. You have to remember. He was coming off a long layoff...he wasn't prepared for me. I was fighting top guys on a regular basis at the time. I punished him. If he DOES beat Cuban Link..then theres no point in me coming back because I've arleady beaten Lanky. I'll see what happens from there. IF Cuban Link is as good as I THINK he is...he'll have his way with Lanky. Cuban Link couldn't keep my name out of his mouth. He wants to take names. I told him to build a legacy..well he's building one. If the kid REALLY thinks he has what it takes to beat me, then have his promoter call me up and we'll work this out from there. Lanky is EASY work for him.

FH: Will you fight a tuneup in the minetime?
LH: Maybe I will. I might fight a tomato can.

FH: You told us you didn't have the heart or hunger to fight anymore?
LH: I did. But since losing to Dipsy Gawn and getting beat up by Alexander Alexeev, I've wanted to show the world who the fuck Larry Holmes was, you know what I mean? I'm gonna make all the fans, the writers, everyone, call me KING. But Cuban Link has to do HIS part and not fuck things up against Lanky Gawn. If he losses, then he's simply not as good as I thought he was.

FH: Anyone else you have in mind?
LH: Only Cuban Link. And maybe Cyrus "Iron" Virus. No one else.

FH: Thank you Larry.
LH: Alright.

Lanky Gawn Guarantees Win Over Pink; Puts Holmes On Blast

QUOTE(Lanky Gawn Senior)
Listen...I just beat my boy...I knew he was gonna be tough...he's got some of me in him....but I beat him nonetheless.....

on to bigger and better things....I'm letting everyone know right now...I am GUARANTEEING a win over Pink on Sunday......SKULLSPLITTER wasn't motivated last week and let The Prince down...he'll be the first to tell ya that...he was too busy celebrating the week before....but let it be known....when The CEO is focused, he's the best trainer in the world....and I have total faith in the plan he's got set for me next week...

so Pink...keep it's comin' back to Poppa.

As far as Larry Holmes recent I said...he hasn't seen me with Skully in my corner...and I'm 2000% sure I would box his ears off if we were to fight in this day and age...look at what he said...he don't want none.....I know he remembers that knee to the face I gave him at that press fuck him. Fuck Larry Holmes.....
"Peligro" to smash Holyfield

Jorge "Peligro" Alcarez has stated that hes gonna put on a performance that will be remembered for decades. He says he will land bombs and vicious uppercuts on Holyfield and knock him out inside 6. Alcarez whos just suffered his first career loss against Ray Sefo believes that he will still be the next dominant champion. Hes already targeting Mulberry, Cuban Link Pink and the Lanky Gawns.
Three time heavyweight champion of the world Sennen "Cuban Link" Pink responded to the recent comments made by Larry Holmes and Lanky Gawn telling reporters, "Lanky will offer me a whole new dilemma, he's a cat I know a lot about from my time cleaning the gym when I was just a wide eyed kid. He set the bench mark for heavyweight boxing and it took another ring legend in Dipsy Gawn to surpass what Lanky achieved. That is why I won't be looking past him cos I know he's a good fighter, a great fighter. As for Holmes, hell yeah sure I want some of that. He's a name I want on my resume, he's a fighter I already called out before I let the Prince steal my belts. I destroyed Prince in the rematch cos I was focused and I'm focused on Lanky Gawn next up....but yeah I want Holmes and if he's the prize at the end of my next fight I ain't bout to pass that one up. The young cat Peligro will also get his chance...he talks a good fight and Dipsy rates him highly so I'll look at knocking him out after I'm done finishing the careers of Lanky and Larry."
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