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Full Version: Judah-Franca II is gonna be very brutal...Judah will win by KO in the first 3 rounds
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Franca-Judah II will be one hell of a beatdown...Franca will be carried out on a stretcher I'm sure. This is NOT going past 3 rounds. Even if Zab somehow losses, he is losing in the first 3. He is coming for the KO. Jimmy Jack is next after Franca. Zab Judah ALWAYS beats OTHER Judah's.
It is very surprising how long Judah has been able to pull off beatdowns. He will lose a fight, seem like he is done, then destroy a fighter. Judah could probably lose 5 IP and still knock some fools out.
Well Judah avenged the loss and gave Franca the business.

KO 1 with a fractured nose thumbsup_anim.gif
All hail Zab Judah.

He fucked Franca up big time!
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