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Full Version: Sonny Cochran : "Who is the Real Heavyweight Champion Of The World??"
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QUOTE( In association with Cochran Law)
Who is the Real World's Heavyweight Champion??

Sonny Cochran has been investigating various claims to the Real Heavyweight Championship. Normally it shouldn't be to hard to see who the Heavyweight Champion Of The World is, not as easy as it would seem. In Sonny Cochran's investigation he found 5 Fighters that can lay claim to the World Heavyweight Championship. FIVE. How can this be? One has to break down the complicated lineage of the World Heavyweight Title to find out...

The Lineal Heavyweight Title Chain
Jerry "The Moose" Drake is the league's first World Heavyweight Champion, he retired on the night he became the first ever Champion so he is technically the Real Heavyweight Champion, not so fast, The Moose resurfaced for a one time exhibition against CyruS "Touch oF SleeP" ViruS where The Moose was knocked out in 2, The Moose even presented his Heavyweight Title to TOS which is currently sitting on TOS's mantle at his house.

Jerry "The Moose" Drake ---> TOS

The Iron-Lanky Heavyweight Title Chain
CyruS "Iron" ViruS won the Vacant Title to become the 2nd World Heavyweight Champion in the League he was later beaten by Lanky "Maxy" Gawn. Lanky ended up Retiring with the Heavyweight Title only to later resurface from retirement where he met defeat by Larry Holmes. Holmes lost this version of the title to Aleksander Alexeev who also held a version of the Heavyweight Title that was vacated by Dipsy Gawn.

Iron ---> Lanky ---> Holmes ---> Alexeev

Vacated Title from Lanky Gawn's Retirement Chain
After Lanky Gawn Retired from the sport, young prospect "The Easton Assassin" Larry Holmes won the World Title he later lost it to CyruS "Touch oF SleeP" ViruS. TOS retired after winning this title.

Holmes ---> TOS

Vacated Title from TOS Retirement Chain
Following TOS's retirement from the sport, Max Kellerman stepped up to win the Heavyweight Title, he was defeated by Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn he went on to have the greatest Heavyweight Title defense streak in history. Dipsy ended up retiring for a day then announced his comeback where after a while he retired for good.

Kellerman ---> Dipsy

Vacated Title From Dipsy's 1 Day Retirement Chain
When Dipsy announced his retirement which only lasted for one day, Lanky Gawn stepped up to win this version of this title. Lanky ended up losing the title a week later to Harold "Harry" Angus who ended up retiring after winning this version of the title, all the while Dipsy was still defending his version of the title. Sonny Cochran deems this title chain to be bogus.

Lanky ----> Angus

Vacated Title from Dipsy's 2nd/Real Retirement Chain
After Dipsy retired for good from the sport, Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield stepped up to win this version of the title. This chain followed with Sawney Bean to Aleksander Alexeev who unifed this chain with the Iron-Lanky version of the heavyweight title in a fight with Larry Holmes giving this chain of the heavyweight title more prestige. Alexeev then lost the titles to Kinto Mulberry who then retired after winning this version of the title. Mulberry then announced his comeback where he later lost to Larry Holmes.

Holyfield ---> Bean ---> Alexeev (unifies with Iron-Lanky Title) ----> Mulberry ----> Larry Holmes

Vacated Title from Mulberry's 1st Retirement Chain
After Mulberry knocked out Alexeev and then retired with the title, Alexeev stepped up to win this version of the heavyweight title. This title is currently held by Sennen 'Cuban Link' Pink.

Alexeev ---> Pink ---> Solid Snake ---> Pink ---> The Prince ---> Pink

So Sonny Cochran poises this question to the fans and fighters of the sport, WHO IS THE REAL HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD?

CyruS "Touch oF SleeP" ViruS - Currently Holds the Lineal Heavyweight Title.

"The Easton Assassin" Larry Holmes - Currently Holds 2 Versions of the Heavyweight Title that trace to Dipsy's Real Retirement all the way to CyruS "Iron" ViruS the 2nd Heavyweight Champion of the sport.

Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn - Holds the uncatchable Heavyweight Title defense record and arguable the greatest heavyweight champion.

Harold "Harry" Angus - Holds the some would say bogus Heavyweight Title vacated from Dipsy's 1 day retirement.

Sennen 'Cuban Link' Pink - Holds the current Heavyweight Championship

We want your thoughts, arguments and votes!

Cuban Link is the champ until he meets Holmes
Sennen "Cuban Link" Pink is the champion because when the belt is vacated the lineage stops and the vacant title is then determined by the next best fighters out there. TOS' claim to the real heavyweight crown is laughable considering he won it in an exhibition bout against a 2 fight novice. Although the great man may be proud to have the 'belt', fight fans the world over simply do not consider him a heavyweight champion.

Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn is the greatest heavyweight of all time and actually has less IP's than current champ Cuban Link. He retired for a day, came back, regained his title and never lost a heavyweight fight. He is unlikely to ever fight again so definitely isn't the current champion.

Angus' claim comes from the win over Lanky but even he knows he isn't the champion anymore and wouldn't claim to be.

Angus told reporters, "I like Sonny, he's a funny guy but I think he's been smoking something to even ask this question. Somebody has to pick up the mantle when a champion retires and right now that man is Cuban Link. The biggest heavyweight fight for a long time is scheduled to take place this weekend and one of Larry Holmes or Link Pink will be the champion of the world. Until that time Sennen holds the belt and is the genuine heavyweight champion."
QUOTE(Touch oF SleeP - Promoter @ Undefeated 4-Division World Champion, Hall Of Famer via Satellite)
Man, I got the real Heavyweight Title on my mantle dawgs, the rest of yall are paper champs. The be the man you gotta beat the man and I am the man. *shows off the lineal heavyweight title in camera*


Dipsy Gawn told reporters, "Sleep is a good guy. His tongue in cheek humour rattled Angus back in the day but I like him. I respect him a lot."
Link is the champ.
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