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Full Version: Vargas KO's Wexley Gawn in 12
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This proves that Wexley is shot...he needs to retire.
Wtf?? laugh.gif

Hang it up Wexley! HANG IT UP! I can't believe a hall of famer like Wexley got knocked out by the fat burrito.
I'm really happy Fernando won but I feel sorry for Wexley. He hasn't been the same since retiring the first time....he's now been reduced to stepping stone status and should retire. He cant fight past-his-prime like Maxy Deep Freeze can.
In a strange kinda way I quite like the fact that Wexley is getting beaten up lately. The fight plans I've been giving him don't suit his style and being as he is an alcoholic it makes things all the more poignant that he is getting his ass handed to him by everyone these days.

An unconscious Wexley was taken to hospital after the fight and the word is he hasn't yet woken. Although reports are conficting at the moment one man close to the HOFer told fighthype, "The doctors are worried about swelling on the brain and I'm hearing that he may have slipped into a coma."

More news when it unfolds.
ohmy.gif Wexley could end up like Carlos Maussa ohmy.gif

Wexley "Power" Gawn has undergone emergency surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain. The former middleweight king who has been suffering from alcoholism was rushed to hospital following his knock out defeat at the hands of Fernando Vargas and is currently said to be in a coma.

His condition is described as critical but stable.

A spokesman told us, "Mr Gawn is currently fighting for his life. It is the biggest fight he's ever had and all we can do right now is pray that the medics can save him."
Cotto Offers To Pay For Wexley's Medical Bills

7-Time World Champion in 2 Weight Classes and future 1st ballot Hall Of Famer, Miguel Cotto has offered to pay for Wexley "Power" Gawn's medical bills following Wexley's slip into a coma. Wexley who has been on financial hard times recently will have mounting medical costs from this tragedy but Cotto has offered the family of Wexley to personally take care of the bill.

More news at it arrives.
Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn is said to be extremely touched by Cotto's offer and has personally flown out to see Miguel despite the fact that it will interrupt his training for the rematch with Red Death.
Zab Judah, who is still very much haunted by the death of HOFer Carlos Maussa, is going to pay a visit to Wexley Gawn to donate cash.
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