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Full Version: Sennen "Cuban Link" Pink vs. "The Easton Assassin" Larry Holmes
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According to Larry, if Semen wins, then he prove himself king of the new generation of Heavyweights. Cuban Link has beaten Solid Snake (KO'd in first fight though), Alexander Alexeev, The Prince, and Lanky Gawn.

Larry Holmes, a bitter former title holder, says that this is going to be his moment to shin after being in the shadow of Dipsy Gawn and other more famous Heavyweights for so long.
Sennen "Cuban Link" Pink retained his title this weekend with a wide unanimous decision over Lanky "Maxy" Gawn but he knows he faces a tough challenger in Larry Holmes.

"Yeah, Holmes is good. He's beaten some of the best around and he's earned his shot but I'm gonna punish him bad for not pronouncing my name properly. Mother fucker what's my name? Sennen, not Semen you fuckin' bitch. If you wanna talk about Semen you should get your ass down to the local gay bar where you can guzzle as much of that shit as you want! I'm the 3 time heavyweight champion of the world. I have the greatest sparring partners in the world around me. I'll be working with Angus, Dipsy and Mulberry and by fight night I will be honed to perfection. I will stop your dream, I will knock you out! What's my name????"
LMAOOOOO that was a serious typo...Holmes didn't mean it but...its part of the trash talk now.
Well...Pink turned out to be a sneaky little bitch. We knew it was a possibility....but we decided to give him the benefit of the we know he wouldn't dare go (allout) against Lanky....

Bottom line...the better man lost last night....Gawn is twice the man Pink is...
QUOTE(The C.E.O. @ Aug 24 2008, 09:37 AM) [snapback]401727[/snapback]
Well...Pink turned out to be a sneaky little bitch. We knew it was a possibility....but we decided to give him the benefit of the we know he wouldn't dare go (allout) against Lanky....

Bottom line...the better man lost last night....Gawn is twice the man Pink is...


Lanky Gawn spent the entire fight......yes rounds 1-12 fighting on the outside. On the back foot. Pink was expecting Gawn to mix it up AT SOME POINT but it never happened so he had to be content with a dominating 12 round decision.

Pink is fuming with the comments coming out of II and has ordered his team to make a rematch should the two of them both come through their next bouts. He said, "If he think he more man than me we gotta do this again and next time he gotta prove he the man by coming to fight. He spent the night running away the fuckin' bitch an then he has the audicity to question my manhood. Fuckin bitch is disappointed cos I didn't go ALL-OUT?? Man, somebody need to get him a doctor cos this old man is fuckin punch drunk! I'll fight Lanky win lose or draw vs Holmes. I'll beat him 10 times outta 10 however he wanna play it. I'm the real man up in here!"
Sennen "Cuban Link" Pink is in the best shape of his life as he gears up for Sundays title defense against Larry Holmes. Speaking at the final press conference Pink told the media, "I never trained so hard for a fight in my life. I know Larry is dangerous, I've done my homework, but believe me, Larry Holmes ain't never faced a fighter as adaptable as I am. If I have to box I box better than all of them but I win fights by head hunting on the inside and even going all-out. There has never been a heavyweight champion as adaptable as me. That's a fact."
Larry Holmes simply says

"He's getting beat the fuck up"
Lanky Gawn's predictions....

He is saying Holmes will knock Pink clean out within 10....after that happens, Gawn says he will fight Holmes in a superfight (time for another Super Fight Weekend soon?) where he'll decision Holmes for the belt....Lanky then said his first defense will be against Pink where he will bruise Pink's brain and effectively end Pink's career...

Yes....Lanky is looking that far ahead...
Jorge "Peligro" Alcarez also couldnt stop himself from letting the public know his thoughts about this fight.

"This is for the heavyweight championship of the world. Its THE fight and its still nothing special. Pink is nothing, hes a bum and Larry Holmes will knock him out. And when thats happened, the public will demand a fight between him and me and Im gonna kick his ass into a real and final retirement."
Without wanting to take his eye of his next fight, world heavyweight champion Sennen "Cuban Link" Pink was ultra dismissive of Jorge "Peligro" Alcarez and Lanky Gawn.

"Lanky Gawn is overrated. Trust me, he's not even close to my ability as a fighter. I was able to make him look silly without breaking sweat because he figured he had the boxing ability to outpoint me. Now, if he wants a rematch with me he has to earn it and I don't think he's capable of even doing that. He likes to talk himself up but he boxed in a poor era for heavyweights and as soon as things started getting tougher his defeats started to mount up. I would be Lanky Gawn anyway he wanted it, whatever style he used against me because I am the best heavyweight that has ever lived."

He continued...

"Jorge "Peligro" Alcarez is another faggot trying to put his name out there. Whose he fighting this weekend? Oh that's right, old man Ice Cream....I spar with Ice Cream from time to time and he's a smart cookie but he don't have no legs so Peligro knows he's got the win before the first bell rings. Afterwards he'll talk some more shit about how he gonna do this and how he gonna do that but the truth is he's fundamentally flawed as a heavyweight fighter. He's been slagging me off for a while now, dissing me, saying Holmes is gonna kick my ass....saying he'll fight and beat Holmes after Holmes has beat me. That shit just winds me up. I see Peligro and I see a fighter I would destroy. The truth is, I just don't rate him at all."
During the press conference, Holmes agreed with his next opponent regarding Jorge Alcarez and had this to say:

"Look, I don't know nothing about this kid Jorge Alcarez. All I know is he KO'd Evander Holyfield in 3 rounds. Well big fucking deal. Evander is washed up and he's been washed up for some time now. Now Alcarez is fighting another washed up ex champion in Maxy "Ice Cream" Gawn. I've never seen this kid Jogje. I've seen him spar for a while and he seems to have some raw talent, but this kid is minor leagues compared to me. Fact is, when I BEAT Cuban Link, who'm I respect a great deal by the way, I'm fighting Cyrus "Iron" Virus. in my final fight. Fighting Lanky Gawn makes no sense for me, unless he gets a couple of really BIG wins. Fact is, Me and Cuan Link are back to back the best Heavyweights around today. Alcarez needs to do something before talking shit. Beating Evander Holyfield is a good step up but it doesn't make you a superstar. Alcarez, if you really think you're the shit, fight and beat more contenders. I've paid my fucking dues...I didn't have any easy way to the top. I had to fight TOS in my 12th fight as a fighter. I had to fight Dark Heaven in my 11th fight, back when Heaven was in his prime. I fought Dipsy 3 times. I fought plenty of old time contenders. Alcarez, do something first. Beating Evander was a start."

Holmes would also comment on his next opponent and Cyrus "Iron" Virus:

"Cuban Link is a very good fighter, will be great someday. But tomorrow isn't his night. Fighting Larry Holmes ain't no game. I understand that I lived in the shadow of Dipsy Gawn for most of my career and I'm not a big draw, so I never really get the higher paycheck whenever I fight. I take the smaller cut. What can I do? This is the biggest payday of my life. It's been a LONG LONG time coming, but it's here. I know Dipsy and Harold Angus think very highly of their pupil, their golden boy, but they know how tough this will be for him."

"Cyrus "Iron" Virus is one of the most popular fighters of all time and I want to fight him after I get through with Cuban Link. I've always wanted to fight him. I don't know if he's boy TOS will allow it to happen though but we owe it to the fans. Better late then never."

Long time stablemate and former Holmes victim, Max Kellerman had this to say.

"Look, people may say Larry lost the heart to fight after fighting the Gawn cousins a long time ago and Larry even said it himself once but I will tell you, that is absolutely not true. Look, Larry is inactive these days because he is waiting for the big fights. I'll tell you straight, losing to Dipsy Gawn 2x hurt his career. Inactivity hurt his career. Larry also got caught vs. Alexander Alexeev in a fight he was winning easily. Shit happens. But to Larry, this fight is his moment. Beating Lanky for some reason wasn't his moment. People said Lanky was old but I don't buy that. He is old now but he wasn't when Larry got him. People said Kinto was just a young inexperienced kid when Larry knocked him out. Now Larry is fighting the prized pupil of his rival. In Larry's mind, this is revenge. Cuabn Link is in his prime, Cuban Link is a great fighter, this is perfect for Larry. Time ain't on his side. We thank him for giving Larry a fight. But you can tell Dipsy knows his boy Link is gonna be in a tough fight."
Holmes would have to enter negotiations with TOS for an payday with Iron.
Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn had his own insight on the upcoming fight and he told reporters, "Larry Holmes is the best heavyweight I ever fought and if the Larry Holmes that boxed me 3 times turns up on Sunday then I'm tellin' you now, Sennen is in for a painful evening. I've been working with Sennen for this fight and I've told him a few tricks but the fact is, Sennen don't have my style so I can't tell him to emulate what I did in the 3rd fight with Larry. He'll have to do it his own way and it's really a 50/50 kinda bout. I'll be surprised if anyone gets knocked out. I don't think Sennen hits as hard as Larry and speed wise I'd say they are about even. I'll be ringside for this one....Sennen refused my offer to work the corner..."

Meanwhile, Maxy "Ice Cream" Gawn has told Larry Holmes, "You ain't shit and the hype surrounding your career is way over the top. You know one thing Larry Holmes...I'm the man you refused to fight again. I'm the real reason you became inactive and don't you ever forget that. When we boxed nobody gave me a fuckin' chance but I was unlucky they only gave me a draw. I'm the Ice Cream man Larry and I still haunt you! Peligro is gonna get his tonight!"
Larry Holmes responds to Ice Cream

"Don't talk shit. I gave you your shot and I didn't train for that. I fought the fight counterpunching your body. That's not what I wanted to do. I'm sorry to say this Ice Cream, but your washed up. You got knocked out by Holyfield man. Holyfield was beaten down horribly against me. Look, I respect you, and if you beat this chump Alcarez, I PROMISE you a title fight. If you lose to him, I'm sorry, I'm gunning for Cyrus "Iron Virus"."
Team Judah offers Trevor Berbick to TOS for a Holmes payday with Iron in the future.
Showing no signs of pressure concerning the recent allegations about him, Harold "Harry" Angus took to the stage and challenged Cyrus "Iron" Virus to meet former one-time world champion Kinto "The Genius" Mulberry on Sunday 7th September.

Angus said he hoped to make the fight without having to put up any incentives for TOS but told fighthype, "I'm willing to offer Sleep Lanky "Maxy" Gawn Jnr, a top 10 heavyweight and a man with a big future ahead of him. Mulberry needs a big fight and I believe Iron-Mulberry will be absolutely explosive. The fans will love to see two heavyweights slug it out the only way these two guys know how to fight. I look forward to hearing from Sleep."

Meanwhile Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn has urged Ice Cream Gawn to retire telling him, "You're too brave to be in a sport as dangerous as ours now. You've had a great career but its time to take the gloves off one final time and put them away. With Wexley still being in a coma I don't want to see something tragic happen to you."
Pink retained his title with a draw even though some people felt Holmes did enough. However, it was Pink who was the aggressor landing the harder punches, flooring and hurting Holmes.

Afterwards Sennen said, "They are my belts. The challenger has to take em from the champion. He didn't wanna take em, he wanted to steal em. I lost all respect for Larry Holmes tonight. I'll defend my title against anyone but I'd prefer to fight Iron Virus. If that don't happen, any top contender suits me fine."
Sennen "Cuban Link" Pink-Larry Holmes II set for Sept 7, next Sunday!

The rivalry continues. Once again, Larry Holmes fell short of becoming Heavyweight. After winning most of the early rounds, having a 6-2 lead after the first 8 rounds, the pressure of Cuban Link got to Larry as he was floored in round 9 and hurt in rounds 11 and 12. Larry Holmes won on a few scorecards at ringside, but the champion won respect with his gutsy showing. Larry Holmes called for a rematch just seconds after the decision was read a draw. Holmes extremely bitter and angry, refused to give interviews after the fight, shoved Jim Lampley, and cussed out the judges. "Holmes, as usual, proves to be a sore loser, and a classless human being." said one of Cuban Links assistant cornermen. Many fans seem to think the draw was the right call. But Larry thinks otherwise.
Well the rematch was another closely fought battle with Holmes just shading it on points thanks to stunning Link in the final round.

Sennen paid tribute to Holmes saying, "You did good Larry but it was too close to leave it at that. I deserve a rematch so I am asking you to grant me that rematch right now."
Larry Holmes takes a look at options, also sees Dipsy Gawn eye to eye for the first since their 3rd fight!

In another razor close fight, Holmes hurt Pink in the final round and that turned out to be the deciding round. Holmes would go on to say, "Cuban Link and I both gave great performances but you don't know how bad I wanted this. I hope the writers and the fans give me my credit." - Larry Holmes

Cuban Link has asked for a 3rd fight and Larry would go on to reply, "he's definitely getting one but Harold Angus told me he wanted to fight me if I won. I'm not sure he's ready to fight. He needs a tough fight before coming back. I'll see what Harold says. If Harold doesn't want to fight me, I'll give Cuban Link a 3rd fight and then retire. I feel I've done what I wanted to do with this victory. There's also the Iron fight but I don't think he wants it with me."

After the fight, Larry got a visit from an old rival. Dipsy "Lipstick" Gaewn would go on to Larry's Holmes corner to congratulate Larry. The two shared a few good words to each other, hugged, and posed for pictures. Larry shouted "I still wan't that 4th fight Dipsy on the way out" but it is unsure weather he was joking. "Even though me and Dipsy had a heated rivarly back in the day, he said I'd be champ after he retired. It's been a long time coming but I'm finally Champion. It's finally on record that Larry Holmes is champion." - Larry Holmes
Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn was full of praise for his old rival Larry Holmes telling reporters, "Larry has been the victim of bad decisions, bad press and damn right bad luck throughout his career so I'm delighted for him that he finally won the belt. We knew it was gonna be a tough fight for Sennen but credit to both men cos they went out and did what they said they would do. It was toe-to-toe in several of the rounds but in the end I think the better man on the night won the fight. Me and Larry fight again? Nah man, I'm retired, I weigh 350Ibs and I love retirement. Besides, do you really think I wanna put myself through the mill with Larry Holmes again? We done 36 rounds and that was more than enough. I won't fight again, whatever the money."

Harold Angus said, "I don't think I want to stand in the way of Sennens automatic rematch. The fight was too close and there needs to be a 3rd meeting between these two guys, no doubt about it. Maybe, just maybe, if Holmes wins the 3rd fight we can make a deal but right now I'm just set on promoting Holmes-Pink III."

Cuban Link said, "Going into the 12th I knew I needed to win the round but I got caught with a shot I didn't see and it was enough to earn Larry the round on the judges cards. Thats how close it was. I'm pleased Larry is gonna grant me a rematch. We deliver good fights everytime and the fans were on their feet throughout. I've signed for the rematch and I'm waiting for the fight to be made."
Larry Holmes vs. Sennen "Cuban Link" III set for September 14, 2008!
Larry Holmes has just officially signed to fight former HW Champion Sennen Pink for the 3rd time. "Who else do I have to fight? Cuban Link deserves a rematch. This will be another good fight. Both fights had drama. I was on the recieving end of a beating in the final 4 rounds of our first fight and Cuban Link was hurt in our 2nd fight. I don't have anymore trash talk left for Cuban Link. All I'm saying is good luck and I'm planning to go out as Champion." - Larry Holmes

Larry Holmes was asked about the 4th Dipsy fight and he said "That was a joke man. Dipsy is like 350 pounds and is retired for good. I want this fight vs. Sennen Pink to be the last of the trilogy. The only other fight I want after this is a Cyrus Iron Virus fight."
Good for Holmes....

and I wanna go on record to say that my Heavyweights, Lanky and The Prince, are better than BOTH those guys....
Congrats to Holmes for winning the heavyweight title once again.
Sennen "Cuban Link" Pink had his last open work-out today as he prepares for his 3rd fight with Larry Holmes this coming Sunday and his attempt to become a 4 time heavyweight champion of the world.

Pink looks in great shape and clearly feels focused about the task ahead. He sparred with Lanky Maxy Gawn Jnr for 10 rounds before posing for pictures and then embarking on a prolonged session with the heavy bag.

Afterwards he told reporters, "I feel good. I'm in shape, I'm strong, I'm ready. I'm coming to the fight with one intention on my mind and that is to rip away the title from Holmes. I don't want this fight to go to the judges, I wanna take the title clearly via knockout. Holmes is a tough fighter, make no mistake about it, but I know I can beat him. I shoulda beat him the first time and I can tell you all now that if he tries the cautious route he's gonna get taken out by round 9. If he comes at me like he did in the 2nd fight then I gotta be more careful. I got myself caught in the last round and it gave him the advantage on the cards. This time I'll be making sure I hit him clean cos I know he don't like to taste my power. We are very evenly matched and the fans are gonna be in for a treat. I will regain my titles."

Former champ Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn sounded a note of caution when he spoke to us outside the gym. "Sennen should box Holmes this time. All this bravado about going for the KO is playing right into Larry's hands and if he sticks to his word I think we'll see Larry knock him out. Sennen has a big heart, maybe too big. I'm picking Holmes and I'm picking Holmes by way of knockout."
Larry Holmes: Where's the fire?
Sources from inside Larry Holmes' training camp have told Fighthype that the Heavyweight Champion isn't showing the fire he had in the 1st and 2nd meetings. "He's training but he's not training like an animal. Holmes thinks he's the man now and he just isn't showing the hunger in camp. He hasn't even been answering Harold Angus' calls. Larry will win tonight but what happened to the Larry who always trained like he had a chip on his shoulder? Now he seems too laid bacl. I see him drinking wine, enjoying life. You can do that but not during training camp. Larry Holmes is definitely acting like a man ready for retirement."

Larry Holmes (33-3-4) defends the HW Championship vs. Sennen "Cuban Lnk" Pink (25-5-1) on PPV tonight!
Well Cuban Link boxed his way to a clear cut unanimous decision to become the first ever 4 time heavyweight champion of the world.

Despite saying he would knock Holmes out, Pink boxed a smart fight and was cautious when he felt he needed to be in order to preserve energy. The fight didn't live up to the past two encounters but Pink didn't mind, telling reporters, "My camp convinced me to abandon the bravado and to fight smart. In the end I took note of my corners instructions and it all worked out beautifully. Yeah, I woulda loved to have knocked him out but I never got into a situation where I felt I needed to load up my bombs. I'm the champion, thats all that matters to me."
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