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Full Version: Yo Balckbelt and other Brits..Degayle's Achievment!
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gods son
Do you think James Degayle can make some noise in the professional scene? He loked good in some bouts, and was surprised he Medaled through and took the Gold, big up to him!

Im sure he will be chased with some big fat cheques by the Uk Promoters!

King Eugene
Smaller gloves and no head gear makes for a totally different fight. If he has good defense then maybe yes but that olympic style fighting wont cut it.
I'm pretty sure anybody that wins an olympic gold medal is capable of making some noise in the pro game. Whether or not the gloves are smaller and headguards removed, hard work and determination are still there along with a good boxing brain.
What up Bam, hope everything's good in your pink and flowery world! biggrin.gif

DeGale was the sleeper on the team. He was good, had a bit of experience, but nobody expected a gold medal from him. I think he'll do well as a pro. He's a slick boxer-type, switch hits, has long arms and uses his reflexes to avoid punches. If he works on his power and toughens up (although he showed good mental fortitude to beat the Cuban) he can make big noise in the middleweight division.

It's a shame, though, that he hasn't gotten the same kind of press that Audley Harrison or Amir Khan got in previous Olympics. I'm not sure why, he might have got lost in the wave of British triumphs at the Beijing Olympics, but he's supposedly been offered 1 million already to go pro, so here's hoping!

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