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Full Version: questions to other managers
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how do you pick up discards from other gyms? it says always that there is a problem? i have some good fighters but not many so how can i get some more? is there any that other managers can spare to hand to my gym? how are colors and music put on fighter page?
I might have some mid range-above average prospects to spare....but I'll let the promoters or Blayde answer your page questions...I don't do that stuff....

If you want a couple of my fighters, make sure to go in your settings and check the box that says "accept transfers from other gyms"....
The discards thing hardly ever works and the fighters in it are pretty pathetic anyway, hence why they've been discarded! I've got some fighters I can transfer over - ones that are decent but I've just had enough of them. I can't do it until they've had their next bouts though.

You've already got photos on some of your fighters so don't worry about the colours thing and forget about putting music on cos it does my head in when I'm scheduling fights.

Make sure you've got the allow transferred fighters box ticked on the change email/password page.
To put music on your page, you have to host the song ( is the perfect site).

After you've hosted the song, you need to copy-past this into your fighter description page

<embed src="linkofhostesong" height="70" width="250">
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