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Full Version: Roy Jones Jr. Exclusive FH Interview!
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FH: Hi Roy, what's good?
RJJ: Everything! I'm in shape! Superman was in a little bit of a slump, but he's back! What up Pensacola!

FH: Roy, you're album flopped, what do you have to say about that?
RJJ: I'm underrated on the mic, baby, how the hell did it flop!?!? All these critics say I'm garbage, go listen to "Y'all Must've Forgot" and you tell me what you think! That's some hot shit!

FH: I was feeling that...
RJJ: Good! I put everything on that track!

FH: Roy, you were in a terrible slump, losing fight after fight to fighters such as Pascal, Sloan, Bute, Dimitri Serezha, Tyrell Hudson, Jowett Pipes...what the hell happned my man?
RJJ: I just couldn't get up in the morning for those fighters, you know what I mean!!!! I mean it's like, I didn't train as hard as I should have and I paid the price! Lost some decisions and got knocked out a few times! But SUPERMAN is back in the bulding!

FH: You looked good in your last fight against Marino Polo and hurt him bad in the last round. Many people felt you pulled it out but it was scored a draw by the juedges...thoughts on the decision?
RJJ: That was disgraceful! I pulled that shit out in the last round when I hurt him! I need to beat this chump to explode back into the scene and the judges robbed me of my win! I'll settle it in the rematch! I'll knock this chump out!

FH: You also didn't look bad against Allan Green but you lost it in the end..
RJJ: Well you know the deal, I was too small for Allan but I hurt his ass in a few of those rounds! I got crazy speed and power!

FH: I agree..
RJJ: I'm also the best fighter when I get up for fights, best in the world! Better than Deep Freeze, better than Allan Green, better than Gamboa, better than Zab Judah, better than all of them! When RJ gets up for fights, he is SUPERMAN!!! Remember that!

FH: ....
RJJ: When I'm in the zone, these guys ain't got nothing on me!!!

FH: Okay Roy, what do you think about a rubbermatch with Sloan or a rematch with Bute?
RJJ: I'd whoop their ASS! I'd beat they ass all they would need to do is give me a 70-30 split in my favor and I'll tear their ass up to shreads! Maybe 60-40!

FH: What makes you think you deserve 60% or 70% of the cash?
RJJ: Cuz I'm the former 175 pound champ! And I'm the MAN! These guys want my name on their record! Sloan?! Are you serious! I'd whoop that ass BAD in a 3rd fight? Bute? He got me on a bad day!

FH: Will you ever become champion again?
RJJ: Yes! I'll whoop all of them ONE by ONE!

FH: Thank you Roy and good luck.
RJJ: Alright! Peace out! Pensacola in the house! Just remember one thing ladies and gentlemen: When Roy gets up for fights, he is SUPERMAN! And they will NEVER CATCH MR. JONES!!!

Well lets just hope Roy can box as well as he can talk. If he ain't lost more than one AP he is definitely still a force to be reckoned with.
Jones is disrespecting Sloan, a future First Ballot HoFer...and for that, he will surely die.
RJ hasn't lost an AP yet! I'm going to be real serious with RJ..he deserves to win the SMW title before he retire..maybe the MW too.
Rj has become a bit of a bum I think. He has certainly seen better days.
RJJ's prime was when he beat Butkiss, I don't think he's been the same since the 2nd Butkiss fight. But he's still beating some good fighters..He KOd the man who upset Allan Green and he KOd Freddy Jones in 1 too.
Be honest, many IPs did Sloan give Jones? He Glen Johnsoned Jones that night.....

If you don't tell me, I will be forced to sick The Soup Bone on him
You know, it honestly never showed me how many IP points it gave me but I justk now Soup Bone gave him AT LEAST 120-130..

RJJ is close to losing a IP point...lets just say before the beating, he had around he has 440.
Ok....I'll be honest too....Sloan has around the same Injury Points, and still hasn't lost an Age Point either....
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