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Full Version: So Sick of hearing about Oscar
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The fact that his good riddance/farewell fight with little Pacquiao is disgusting. Can't hate him as a businessman, so I guess this is a smart business move. You have the droves and droves of Filipinos that will watch the fight vs. the loyal Oscar fans. It's gonna be sickening leading up to the fight. Can you imagine the 24/7 type hype, sappy remembrances, specials, nonsense that HBO will air months before the fight? "The Golden Boy hangs them up for good" "One Last Time" "For All the Glory" "Farewell" Ughh. If there's any justice, Pac will knock him the fu*k out.
Mean Mister Mustard
What's this about Oscar?
Oscar? Oscar who?

Is he a golfer?
Jack 1000

I understand your frustration. But you didn't have to start another topic to tell us that. Feel free to post about it in either of the open Delahoya threads.



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