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Full Version: Zab Judah and Miguel Cotto must end their careers vs. each other!
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Think about it..

-These guys are old school since the start of the league.
-Both have a bunch of losses but have beat a shitload of GREAT fighters.
-Both are always involved in wars, weather they win or lose.
-Both are very popular fighters. Judah has Brooklyn in his side.Miguel Cotto has PR
-Miguel Cotto is 3-0 over Zab Judah but Judah has beaten guys that have beaten Miguel Cotto
-Cotto-Judah rivalry dates back to the start of the league. The VERY start!
-Both are legends.
-Both are two division chamapions.

So if Zab Judah gets past Reyes and Jimmy Jack and Cotto beats Mayweather (which he and defends his title successfully, it makes sense for these two to end their career against each other, as legends for 140 pound title.

It might just be the biggest fight in league history.
If Zab were to get through and beat Jimmy Jack to win back the Lineal Title and Miguel somehow laugh.gif wins the World Jr. Welterweight title for a record 6th time, that would be quite a sight to see after all this time, Miguel Cotto and Zab Judah fight for the Undisputed Jr. Welterweight Championship. I mean that's crazy.

Too bad Jimmy Jack Judah is going to drown Zab in New Orleans (no hurricane). Zab could very well take the beating of his career against the southerner. There wouldn't be anything left for Cotto.
Cyrus, Jimmy Jack knows in his heart he is in for a beatdown. How the hell is a Judah going to beat the KING of Judah's....Only way he beats Judah is by DQ.

Miguel Cotto vs. Zab Judah IV will happen!

QUOTE(Miguel Cotto via Interpreter)
As much as an intriguing spectacle of Cotto-Judah IV for the Undisputed Jr. Welterweight Championship is, Zab should really pay attention to the fact he has 2 very tough opponents in front of him in Ricardo Reyes and Jimmy Jack Judah. Zab is doing a disservice to both of those great young fighters by overlooking them. Zab needs to be mindful.

the boxing fans are already talking about a potential Judah-Cotto fight
Zab is going to get pulverized in New Orleans.
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