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Full Version: Breaking News!!!
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That's right! With a stunning upset over Wesley's younger brother, My "Left" Nutt beat the shit out of Renaldo Snipes in route to an 8th round KO. Nutt's manager Spyder had this to say:

"I kicked his ass out of the gym and told him to become a man, and what do you know...Lefty went out on the streets and found himself a Y chromosome!"

"Left" Nutt fought a beatifully brutal fight. Digging hard shots to the body, he hurt Snipes early. Then he literally took the lesser man to hell, landing ferocious bombs that reminded many ringsider's of a young Clubber Lang. When asked about his victory Nutt replied:

"I will NEVER doubt my manager again. That man used tough love to make my ass hungry, and I beat the shit out that mutha fukka like he done raped my momma!"

Spyder said, "We're headed to the Lt Heavyweight division next!"
Lol a change of fight play can be a beautiful thing.

Good shit. You are on your way Spyder.

the webl Zab Judah started his career at 1-6 and was/is a crackhead and ended up being a 4-5 time world champion in 2 divisions. Your left nut can get the job done (no homo.)

Judah never cried in his first fight though haha.gif

Judah went into fights high and would often get KO'd silly...but look where he is now! Judah might go bankrupt if he bets that 500k though laugh.gif
My "Left" Nutt should be able to beat the Chinaman coming up. Dude lost almost all of his fights by first round KO!

In fact, he reminds me a lot of a young Prince of Pain...
My "Left" Nutt will enjoy some easy fights for the time being courtesy of promoter Harold "Harry" Angus. Angus will of course be taking a cut of Nutts purses.

Thanks for not throwing him to the wolves quite yet.

Besides, you would probably want to pad his record and build up his stats prior to letting your champion beat the shit out of him!

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