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Full Version: 4 Fights. 8 Men. Countless Opinions.
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Bernard Hopkins vs. Kelly Pavlik

Can Bernard Hopkins' veteran status and KO Power be able to outdo the Youngster from Youngstown, Or will the Ghost creep on and put this old vet to pasture??

Joe Calzaghe vs. Roy Jones Jr.

In MSG w/ Joe crying possible retirement. Can The Welch superstar do it again in America? Or has Roy Jones Jr's rust come off and finally begin to luster once again.

Ricky Hatton vs. Paulie Maglianni

Ricky's second fight since his first lost to Floyd Mayweather Jr. Can the young contender bring the extra edge he needs. Or will a Ricky Hatton led by Floyd Mayweather Sr. remodel a Hitman that is too much for him.

Oscar De La Hoya vs. Manny Pacquiao

With one foot caught in the door he says, Oscar De La Hoya's career is still on life support, With this big money fight with Manny Pacquiao, will Oscar De La Hoya still have the beast to fight inside of him, Or can the mexican assassin take out the biggest Mexican he's ever faced?
Hopkins-Pavlik - Undecided
Calzgahe-Jones - Calzaghe UD
Hatton-Malignaggi - Malignaggi UD
De La Hoya-Pacquiao - De La Hoya TKO 8
Hopkins-Pavlik.....Hopkins by U.D.

Calzaghe-Jones....Dont like either of them and undecided

Hatton-Malignaggi...Malignaggi by blow-out decision possibly TKO.

De La Hoya-Pacman....De La Hoya by K.O. 6-7 rounds.

King Eugene
Hopkins - Decision
Jones - Just a win is good enough for me
Hatton - Knockout Victory
DLH - Brutal Knockout!
Undecided - Either Pavlik by UGLY SD, or Hopkins by UGLY UD
Undecided - First time in my life I'm pulling for Roy to win a fight, but all logic dictates that Joe will win a UD.
Hatton - He'll maul and wrestle, and Paulie will whine afterwards, but Ricky takes it. Hopefully TKO.
ODLH - Circus act of a fight that I don't really care about. If Oscar loses this fight, he needs to retire.
The Original MrFactor
Hopkins-Pavlik - Pavlik by late stoppage
Calzgahe-Jones - Calzaghe UD
Hatton-Malignaggi - Malignaggi UD
De La Hoya-Pacquiao - De La Hoya by brutal KO.
QUOTE(The Original MrFactor @ Sep 8 2008, 11:01 AM) [snapback]403612[/snapback]
Hopkins-Pavlik - Pavlik by late stoppage
Calzgahe-Jones - Calzaghe UD
Hatton-Malignaggi - Malignaggi UD
De La Hoya-Pacquiao - De La Hoya by brutal KO.

No-one is stopping B-Hop...forget that one. His defensive skills are too good for a straight ahead 1-2 fighter like Kelly to stop him.
Hopkins... UD, I expect to see Pavlik beat up a bit

my heart says Roy Jones Jr TKO3... my head tells me Calzaghe UD

Malignaggi SD

De La Hoya UD
QUOTE(streetlion1 @ Sep 5 2008, 07:36 PM) [snapback]403315[/snapback]
Hatton-Malignaggi...Malignaggi by blow-out decision possibly TKO.

How come?
QUOTE(ROLL DEEP @ Sep 9 2008, 11:39 AM) [snapback]403715[/snapback]
How come?

I dont know about a KO but I can see Paulie winning by a wide decision!!! He is a slick boxer and Hatton has always had trouble with those types of fighters! Paulie is also a very tough guy as well so I believe he can withstand Hatton's assault.
Hopkins vs Pavlik - B-Hop by SD

It all depends on B-Hop in this fight. He needs to cut out the posturing and go to work from the opening bell and don't stop.

Calzgahe vs Jones - Calzaghe SD

RJJ is going to fight the same way he did against Tito. And if he does, Calslappy will get the nod for landing the most Slaps.

Hatton vs Malignaggi - Hatton MD

Hatton's learned his lesson about charging in head first constantly. And will be an improved fighter with the help of Mayweather Sr. If Paulie, uses the script from what PBF did, he might can pull this fight out.

DLH vs Pacquiao - {Upset of the year!!!!} Pacquiao MD thumbsup_anim.gif

Pacquiao is going to use his speed to rip DLH to shreds. But has to be careful of getting caught by a DLH powershot.
QUOTE(ROLL DEEP @ Sep 9 2008, 09:39 AM) [snapback]403715[/snapback]
How come?

I have never thought much of Paulie but I really dont think anything of defenseless Ricky Hatton. Maybe Mayweather Sr. can improve him but I doubt it. I thought the fight between Paulie and N'dou couldve gone either way...but I think Hatton was given a gift against Lazcano and it was the worst I've seen Hatton look besides when he got K.Oed.

Paulie's style chops Hatton up...though I may have been reaching with the tko part.
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