A controversy over the officials for Saturday's fights:


Here is my take:

This is exactly what happened when Jones fought McCallum in 1996 for Roy's belt in Florida. Jones wanted everyone, the ref and the judges to be from Florida. But at that time, because McCallum was the WBC #1 contender, the WBC has a rule in their rules Constitution that says, "Neutral Officials (not from the champion's home state or country) should preside at all fights involving mandatory challengers. Jones wouldn't even agree to a compromise of having the WBC bring in as little as one out of state judge. What happened was 3 Florida judges sat in the official judges chairs and 3 WBC judges sat in ringside seats a few rows up. The announced scores were those of the Florida judges. They all had it a shut out for Roy AFAIK. The WBC officials may have given one or two rounds to McCallum.

In the end, to prevent future instances of this type, the Florida State Commission appointed a moderator who suggested having at least one WBC judge ringside when requested to have some neutrality. And its worked. Indiana also had a similar issue between using WBC officials and its own. But in the end, a compromise was reached.

It's the Mississippi state commission that is being pig-headed about the officials. It's a WBC sanctioned fight. The WBC was not even notified of the officials that Mississippi was using till yesterday and non of them are licensed by the WBC. That's not fair. If your state is connected with the Association of Boxing Commissions, you should have at least 1-3 judges that you can use who are affiliated with the world championship governing body. If you don't, have the WBC bring in their own judges for the fight. What would you rather have, 3 guys from 7-11, Walgreens, and Taco Bell, as residents of Mississippi judging this fight? Or more experienced officials from a federation representing over 200 countries for these matches? At least be open to a compromise, 2 WBC judges, a local Mississippi judge, and a local Mississippi referee. The Mississippi boxing commission may not have enough certified judges for fights at this level. Why are they being so stubborn about this? I agree with the WBC on this part of the issue.

However, I don't agree with the decision to bring in their own judges. If you are withdrawing sanction, there is no reason for any WBC officials to be there.