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Full Version: Mythical Matchup Or Is It? TOS-Deep Freeze
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4 Division Champ vs. 3 Division Champ

Arguably The Greatest Fighter of All Time vs. The Greatest Super Middleweight Fighter Of All Time

TOS - 5'10" , 189 Lbs. vs. Deep Freeze - 6'7" , 179 Lbs.

Both are Hall Of Fame Legends.

Deep Freeze has said he would love to fight TOS in an exhibition bout.

I pose the question, how do you think this mythical matchup would go?

There is a rumor that TOS is interested..... What do you think?
I want to see it.....and yes...Zab would KO both of them in the same is WELL documented that Judah tried to make exhibition fights with TOS and Deep Freeze but both declined. Did they think it was a waste of time or did they know Judah might have taken their heart and souls?
laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

Deep Freeze has never really been the sorta fighter to call out names or be derogatory to other fighters but he just likes the idea of fighting TOS. It won't happen.

BUT Deep Freeze will fight Zab at light heavyweight any time he wants it.

Zab will move up to 168 if he beats Jimmy Jack to fight Deep Freeze. Exhibition FREAK SHOW!
Harold "Harry" Angus believes this is just a ploy to undermine him. Speaking just minutes ago Angus said, "TOS and Deep Freeze are both promoting rivals to myself right now and they need to get the people talking all about em. It's all bullshit. Neither Freeze nor Sleep wants this, they just wanna pretend they do so people talk about it. Forget about it. As for Judah-Freeze...don't even go down that road. Freeze will never fight another fight if he ain't the underdog. Truss that."
Zab Judah: Truth is, both TOS and Deep Freeze got bitch in em'!
Zab Judah:

"yo I maybe old but i aint neva' duck no one! u ever seen me quit in a fight? u seen me drain myself to make 135! u seen me move up in weight to 147! ima put to you like this "Both these mark ass dudes got bitch in em'! They gon' just talk about this shit for weeks and weeks and eventually will neva come to an agreement!"
TOS Itching To Fight???

Reports from Only Built 4 TOS is that the Hall Of Famer, 4 Division World Champ and Lineal Heavyweight Champion, Touch oF SleeP is interested in a proposed battle with Hall Of Famer, 3 Division Champ Deep Freeze. While it seems Deep Freeze wasn't to serious about the proposition, it appears TOS took note of it and is considering the option. Someone from the gym reportedly said that "TOS is waiting to see what Deep Freeze has to offer em. TOS always got time for business propositions." TOS last legit fight was on November 4, 2007 with a UD victory against Undefeated Larry Holmes to win the World Heavyweight Championship. TOS last fight was an exhibition on April 6, 2008 where he knocked out Jerry "The Moose" Drake for the Lineal Heavyweight Title. Deep Freeze last fought on August 31, 2008 where he knocked out Jong Shaoting to win the World Cruiserweight Championship.
Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn admits he is "completely surprised" by TOS apparent admission that he is interested in a fight with him.

Freeze told us, "I threw the thought out there as a kinda joke really. I never expected any feedback, let alone positive feedback. OK, the fight is tempting, I'd be a fool to say otherwise, but can it be made? I don't know. I'll seriously consider it if what I'm hearing is true. I think the negotiations will be quite long drawn out because the money involved will dwarf most fights. We'll see what happens."
Gotta go with Zab biggrin.gif

Nah seriously, it wouldnt get me hyped up now ... Should have happened in the past.
QUOTE(Blayde @ Sep 15 2008, 12:29 PM) [snapback]404410[/snapback]
Gotta go with Zab biggrin.gif

Nah seriously, it wouldnt get me hyped up now ... Should have happened in the past.

Better late than never and it can't be denied that Freeze looked pretty good knocking out the much bigger Shaoting the other week. I tried to emulate that with Liquid Shadow but he came up short even though he's a punch bigger puncher than Freeze. I dare say Allan Green hits harder than Freeze too....
A brief interview with Maxy ďDeep FreezeĒ Gawn.

FH Welcome Maxy. So how does it feel to have opened your own gym and are you enjoying your work as a promoter?

DF Iím loving the independence of working alone without the constraints of all the other gloomy figures who surround our sport so itís good fun you know. I train my fighters, I promote my fighters and I give my fighters the best guidance possible. Iíve got a lot of experience so I know all the doís and doníts in this sport. Thatíll help my fighters.

FH We keep hearing these rumours about yourself and TOS fighting at some point. Whatís the truth in that?

DF Weíve discussed it. Itís an opportunity for us to make some money, itís a big fight regardless of titles and shit. I donít know if he wants it anymore than I do. To be honest do we need it? Do I wanna lose a fight to him? Does he wanna lose a fight to me? I mean, yeah, if it happens itíll be a great fight, Iím sure of it but is it worth staking our reputations on? Iíve heard from some people that the fight wouldnít even excite themÖI mean if thatís the consensus then it ainít gonna happen. Why risk everything for a fight that some people donít give a damn about?

FH I think most people the world over would love to see this fight but also, most people donít think itíll ever happen.

DF Like I said, weíve talked about itÖ..on the phone a few times. We have a laugh and a joke. I tell him he wouldnít last 12 rounds, he tells me he wouldnít need to cos heíd put me outta there in 4. You know, just good banter really.

FH So are you friends now?

DF Pretty much. My wife and I went to stay at Touchís Villa this past summer and it was while we were there that he talked me into trying to win the cruiserweight title. See, Touch is a short guy you know. He stood next to me and he said I should be fighting heavyweights. I laughed at him but he was serious. I said I ainít gonna get in the ring with no heavyweight and he recommended I go after the cruiserweight belt to try make a bit of history. We looked at a few tapes and decided it was doable. Thatís how it all transpired really.

FH Whatís your take on Harold Angus? Heís having some sort of feud with Skullsplitter at the moment and things have gotten rather nasty?

DF Angus has become power crazed man. Thatís why I had to leave Krumbsnatcher. He thinks he owns the sport and heís been doing some real tasteless shit lately. People gotta know right now that I donít condone any of the shit he been doing or saying you know? Using Wexley as his source for the drug allegations was crass man, He never shoulda done that shit. We sparred hundreds of rounds at Krumbsnatcher and I could outbox him, outfox him, toy with himÖ..but heís strong, a lot stronger than people might think. I can beat him. Trust me, I can beat him at cruiserweight. Iíve already proven that to myself behind closed doors. He knows it, I know it.

FH Would you ever fight him for real?

DF Never say never. Maybe I could fight him and TOS. Never say never. Shit, I might even go after Cuban Link one day, haha.
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