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Full Version: Larry Holmes calls out "Iron"
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Larry Holmes announced his retirement but he always wanted to fight "Iron". "Iron" was champion when Holmes was a prospect.

Does "Iron" want any part of Holmes?

We are willing to offer Only Built 4 TOS a lvl 18 fighter...

"Well, we're willing to give out a level 18 fighter to make this fight happen. The question is, will TOS accept a level 18 fighter to have his boy get beaten up? The offers on the table."
It doesn't look like Iron is interested in fighting anyone with a pulse right now. His next opponent is somebody called Drederick Tatum who has a 3/4/0 record.

Holmes is wasted in retirement. Still without doubt one of the top 3 heavyweights around who can prrety much beat anyone on his day.

Iron will accept a fight with Larry Holmes on the condition that an 18 status level fighter gets transferred to TOS and Holmes is Heavyweight Champion to make it a world title fight.
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