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Full Version: Angus-Insanity International Feud Escalates
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Harold "Harry" Angus today intensified his feud with Insanity International supremo Skullsplitter by indicating that steroid abuse was rife at II. The shocking revelation will spread widespread calamity throughout the boxing world and although Angus didn't seem to mind revealing it, he was keen to stress that the allegations were not made by him.

At a press conference he told stunned reporters, "Lets make one thing completely clear here today. Crystal clear so that everyone knows where I stand on what I'm about to reveal. I am most definitely NOT making an accusations here at all, I am merely the messenger. According to a great friend of mine, a man we all love, a man who has done wonders for our sport, Insanity International actively use steroids at their gym! I will repeat in case anybody needs clarification. Insanity International actively use steroids at their gym! Of course, I myself know of no facts to prove or disprove this allegation but I have been reliably informed that what I am telling you today is 100% true."

The press row goes mad with excitement as everybody shouts questions towards Angus, who calmly raises his finger to his mouth in a 'ssssh' gesture. He continued, "HOF legend Wexley "Power" Gawn told me all about these terrible allegations a short while before he was sadly injured during his bout with Fernando Vargas. Wexley told me he had evidence and that he would be revealing everything to the authorities in due course. He also told me that Mr Skullsplitter was primarily responsible for the death of II fighter Carlos Maussa because he allegedely faked Maussa's boxing liscense to get him into the ring, even though he knew Maussa was unlikely to come out of that ring alive. Of course, I am and was deeply upset when I heard these terrible allegations and I questioned Wexley Gawn right there and then, asking him why he didn't prove what he was telling me there and then. He said he had a team who were gathering more evidence. I do not know and am not at liberty to guess who Wexleys team was. Sadly Mr Gawn cannot confirm what I have told you all today because he is currently in a coma but when he does recover, God Bless him, he will reveal everything. Personally speaking, I hope Wexley has made a mistake in all of this because it would be a black day for our beloved sport."

When asked why Angus had waited until today, just a day after a back and forth rant between himself and Mr Skullsplitter, Angus smiled before saying, "Personal differences aside I have absolutely no problem with Mr Skullsplitter. I have enjoyed a good working relationship with him and all his fighters and I like the way they fight. You could say I'm a fan. Basically it's just a coincidence and the timing of todays press conference has nothing to do with yesterdays disagreements. I reiterate one final time...these are allegations that were told to me and I am just doing the right thing by revealing all that I was told to you guys. I hope you have a good day, but more than anything I hope these allegations are false."

Angus then made a 'v' for victory sign in the air before turning and walking away, avoiding all other questions.

Although Harold "Harry" Angus has distanced himself from making the allegations, these astonishing slurs are likely to have major ramifications. An aide of Skullsplitter told us, "He'll be enraged by this. This is a disgusting cheap shot and Angus won't get away with it!"
ThePit98 hated that asshole Angus for what he did to The Prince of Pain, but he's been making atonement to the gym since.

So he's alright in our for Skullspliter though! laugh.gif
QUOTE(George Stephanopoulos)
Good afternoon, everyone. My name is George Stephanopoulos. Some of you may know me from my duties as Senior Advisor for the former President of The United States, Bill Clinton. SKULLSPLITTER - The CEO has acquired my services for the matter at hand today. So from now until this issue is resolved, I will be acting as his Director of Communications.

We at Insanity International know why these accusations have been made. Recently, The CEO proclaimed that Mister Angus is...and I quote...a "corrupt, delusional, selfish, and completely egomaniacal individual". We know THIS is the statement to be the cause of these false accusations. You, the people, will see this is the cause as well...that is....if you didn't know already.

(some of the crowd laughs; an old man yells, "I KNOW DAT'S RIGHT!")

Mister Angus is merely undergoing Damage Control and has decided to employ a dated and flawed tactic, my friends. This underhanded and completely EVIL action is to attack the one who exposed him to distract attention from his own transgressions....

The CEO, the WeBL commision, several esteemed doctors and lawyers, and myself will be overseeing background checks and physical evaluations of all past and present II fighters throughout the day today. After his men are cleared, there will be sitdowns to determine what avenues of retaliation The CEO wants to pursue....and let me tell you...there are MANY he can choose from....

In closing, I want to leave you with yet another quote from the honorable man we all know as SKULLSPLITTER - The CEO....

"Justice will be served."

Thank you. Thank you for your time and attention.
Fighthype caught up with Harold "Harry" Angus as he left the Krumbsnatcher gym this afternoon.

FH "Mr Angus, what is your reaction to the news that George Stephanopoulos will be acting as Mr Skullsplitters Director of Communications?"

HA "Director of Communications eh? I see, well that's news to me but it doesn't really concern me that the man has to have a Director of Communications. I suppose, in hindsight, it's a good thing that he has adopted this route because he cannot be trusted to say the right things himself, as we all witnessed yesterday when he ranted on about my integrity."

FH "George Stephanopoulos was at one time the senior advisor to the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton so does this not worry you?"

Angus turns to the reporter with a broad grin on his face...

HA "Worry me? Did this Greek guy advise him to have sexual relations with that Monica whore back in the day (laughing). Listen what have you come to talk to me about?"

FH "Well you have said-"

HA "I know what I said (shrugs his shoulders). I got nothin' to add to what I told you all earlier today. I'll also add that I hope what I told you all today isn't true. Whatever, whatever."

FH "Mr Angus, the allegations you made were extremely damaging and if they were false surely you could be deemed liable?

HA "I'm in the clear son, now run along and write what you like. My Lawyers have told me I am in a good position to sue Skullsplitters ass for his derogatory comments about me and I'm still thinking about that. I don't care about this Greek guy or what he has to say either. Enjoy your day."

Angus then climbs into a chauffeur driven Rolls-Royce Corniche convertible before delivering the 'v' sign and driving away.

Harold Angus isnt even a fighter anymore. His empire will crumble soon.
In case anyone was wondering...all background checks and test results for all my fighters will be released on Saturday...we are doing full DNA testing as well....
QUOTE(The C.E.O. @ Sep 18 2008, 10:53 AM) [snapback]404623[/snapback]
In case anyone was wondering...all background checks and test results for all my fighters will be released on Saturday...we are doing full DNA testing as well....

Angus will probably try some other dirty tricks campaign when the results come back negative.

Well...not to spoil anything....but Angus might not have to resort to that...

One of my fighters DID show Positive for Steroids through a Blood Test....but we're treating it as a false positive until the DNA results come in....
QUOTE(The C.E.O. @ Sep 18 2008, 11:17 AM) [snapback]404626[/snapback]
Well...not to spoil anything....but Angus might not have to resort to that...

One of my fighters DID show Positive for Steroids through a Blood Test....but we're treating it as a false positive until the DNA results come in....

Angus claims that he is "not surprised" that one of the fighters from II showed a positive steroid test but then quipped, "He'll be a former Krumbsnatcher fighter, believe that. It'll be Skullsplitters way of trying to twist this shit around. Funny how the game works."
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