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Full Version: Marquez-Casamayor Replay
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This is the first time I can remember not ordering a fight on HBO and so I'm not exactly sure how the replay works. I thought that they always played the PPVs a week later (often on the undercard of WCB). But HBO doesn't have it scheduled.

Does anyone have any info on this?
Nope there not replaying it!!!! This had no business being opn PPV anyway.
i dont think hbo had anything to do with it shit was hosted by ac slater if i remember correctly lol
You are right they are not re-playing it but go to this and it has it....

Have fun and just so you know I actually thought it was boring and was hoping for a better fight.
thanks Henlop.

interesting name by the way!
QUOTE(Fitz @ Sep 20 2008, 06:48 PM) [snapback]404802[/snapback]
I know if I was to watch it now, I probably wouldn't enjoy it as much as not knowing the result and watching it live always makes it more enjoyable.

Exactly..I hate knowing who is going to win..It really takes away a lot from the fight in my opinion..No matter whats going on you already know whos going to come out on top at the end and that its impossible for the other guy to win it no matter what he does..I still watch a lot of fights over and over but nothing compares to the first time..Corrales/Castillo is as close to watching a fight for the first time the second time you watch it..
Yeah u know this was the first time that i can remember not buying the fight and I did know who won when I finally watched it. I got to be honest I watched the first 6 rounds then said "crap lets see this knockdown that Casamayor said caught him while he was in the air". It was kind of what i thought. I am sure watching it live and not knowing who won , I would have been on the edge of my seat.
dj necrogenic
I thought the fight was great, and have watched it quite a few times now. Granted I had the added bonus of watching mexico come out on top during Mexican Independence Day, so it added alot more excitement for me (plus I was drunk as shit by then)
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