I was bored & laughing @ all the adds on craigs list & ran across this add! I take it this guy wasn't laughing much though!


I know you! I've met you a few times on here. How;s it hanging, baby? Wanna go another round???

Your ad quoted here for posterity:

"skanky ho wants to get repeatedly fucked - w4m - 36 (Atlanta)"

"Hi there! I am married, but I don't give a shit about that, and am looking to get repeatedly fucked by any number of guys, all of whom can be married, single, whatever; who cares? I have big (fake) boobs that I am very proud of, but not much else to offer. I'm 36, but I look at least 10-15 years older (due to hard living) and act 20 years younger (because, well, I'm an idiot). I have tattoos, isn't that cool? I have some piercings, isn't that also cool?"
"I know there are haters out there who will say "Hey, Bitch, just because your life sucks and you are in a shitty marriage doesn't mean you should chase anything on two legs that has a dick!" Well, here's my response to you: So what if virtually every human female on the planet --three billion or so-- comes standard equipped with a cunt and two tits? There's something special about mine. So write to me so we can start fucking already! "

"The only catch is that if I get your phone number, I will call, text and send naughty pictures incessantly (as often as 120 times per month!), even though your wife, girlfriend (whatever; who cares?) has access to your phone or the bill. I actually sent the photo below to my last guy's girlfriend's phone, if you can believe I could be so stupid! I even sent that bitch a picture of my dog, for god's sake, and sent her texts and emails inviting her to meet me for my birthday. But like I said, I might be really, really stupid, but I have a different cunt and tits from every other woman, so I know no man will be able to resist me."

"So, if you're ready to suffer endlessly after I get my hooks into you, be sure to write me. But, listen, please don't mention this to my husband, my kids or my boss, OK? It'll be just between you and me, unless I'm stupid enough to 'accidentally' text and email your wife or girlfriend. Whatever, right? "