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Full Version: Zab Judah is the Glen Johnson of this League!
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It's impossible to KO him these days! He losses but he is a threat to anyone. He is the hero of my gym, so if anyone wants to test, just step up. Judah also the Tyson of the league. He is one of the biggest draws haha.gif

So don't be scurred of Zab. He has lost 2 AP's but he is still a threat!

But one question, how do you think he would do at 154? I'm thinking of moving him up there after this fight.
I think 154 would be a bad move for Zab at this stage in his career. 147 is fine though and there are plenty of good fights he could have there.

BTW, has anyone else noticed that the rankings are fucked at the moment on webl? A lot of fighters are missing from the rankings and not all the scheduled title fights are listed on the champions page at the bottom of the rankings?

Weird shit. Hope its just a mess up after the site went crazy last week.
Well at least the fights are finally being simulated. Everything will be alright after the weeks over.

As for Zab at Welterweight...hmmm, there are some nice matchups for him there.

Maybe he can fight a few contenders (Maxy Kokaine, etc) and fight for the title. I want something big to happen to Zab soon as he is almost going to lose ANOTHER IP!
Zab is only big because he is overhyped and big in you mind lol.
Zab needs something big? How about.....

Welterweight Grudge Rematch

Zab "Super" Judah vs. CyruS "Lights Out" ViruS

If Lights Out loses he promises to have vital information on what happened to his Zab's wife!

If TOS starts beating some contenders, he might even get a shot at Terry Norris, WHEN Norris becomes champion.
Zab Judah is scared of Lights Out.
Lights Out don't deserve a rematch with Zab! Zab beat that guy down! Lights Out needs to fight Norris
Zab and Lights Out have a fight of the year candidate. Not to mention you would think Zab would like to fight in the memory of his wife....
Zab is moving up to 154 to try his luck there!
Zab Judah vs. Miguel Cotto must be the last fight.
I don't think Cotto will ever retire though, so he would never have a last fight... laugh.gif
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