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Full Version: Fernando Morales (9-1-0) challenges Clifford Parker (10-0-2)
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"Fernando Morales, a promising young prospect from Brooklyn, New York, trains out of the Team Judah gym. Fernando Morales had a very, very rough up-bringing and was homeless for a portion of his life. Like many other fighters, he boxes for a living. He boxes for the passion and for the money. He is destine to become Super-Welterweight Champion. Fernando Morales, an orphan for most of his life, is a very young fighter at 21, and sleeps in the floor of his Gym. Fernando Morales was interviewed by fighthype and has made it clear that should he and fellow promising prospect Clifford Parker, win their next fights, he would like to fight Parker. "A win over Parker would really boost up my status as a fighter. I want to prove I'm for real. Parker recently KO'd another prospect, Mike Jones. Jones is the man who beat me in my first professional fight." says Fernando Morales

He sleeps on the floor?

I heard a rumor that Zab hasn't cleaned the floor of his gym since his losing to Running Man..... in their second fight..... which was well over a year ago.... laugh.gif

Dirty fuckin floor man......
You know how it is Cyrus. Times are rough. Team Judah is a very very poor gym. Judah lost alot of money when he bet himself to KO Jimmy Jack. Alot of our fighters are C.E.O's gym. Team Judah is one of the brokest gyms in WeBL. We don't have money makers like TOS and Maxy. Our fighters are all immature and blow away their cash.

Morales had a very rough up bringing and is not playing around.

No, the last time our floor was cleaned was when Herman was in the gym....

But your right, that is one dirty ass floor. He is still homeless.

Look at how Zab keeps the in gym kitchen...

Why are you dissing the kitchen, that's where Zab plays dice games and Fernando sleeps...

Judah is currently trying to earn money to fix up the TEAM JUDAH RIDE

Oh shit laugh.gif laugh.gif
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