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Full Version: Demetrius Andrade
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What do you all think about Andrade's decision to turn pro??Do you see him going far??After watching him fight live at the AIBA tournament in Chicago I have to say he will be a great addition to the division..When he focuses on throwing his uppercuts,he is a BEAST..I think his style is better for the pro's but it sucks we lose him on the roster for the next olympics..Andrade does need to try to stick to his game plan in his fights and if he can,I see him being able to get to elite status within the next 5-10 years..Who knows,maybe earlier..It all depends on how active he is and who he decides to fight..Let me know what ya'll think..
QUOTE(Fitz @ Sep 26 2008, 04:12 AM) [snapback]405305[/snapback]
Didn't see him at the olympics as I watched like no boxing, and haven't seen him before either. So not sure, I don't even know what division he fights at.

Andrade stood out A LOT at the AIBA touranment..He was the most impressive fighter I thought since he was sooo diverse in his fighting style and could switch it up..He is pretty elusive and has good straight punches and really good uppercuts..It's rare to see a amateur throw a lot of uppercuts like he does when he's on his game..I remember I saw Holyfield at the AIBA's but there was no way to get to him..He was wearing a tan suit and you could still see all his muscles in his back..hahahaha..It was crazy!!I was actually sitting next to a guy from somewhere in Europe who was a superheavyweight and was 6'2,320 lbs..He told me Holyfield did a motivational speech for everyone and Muhammad Ali came the first day of the tournament and met the fighters..There was about 400+ fighters in Chicago..2-4 fighter from over seas went missing..hahaha..Who knows what happened to em..They actually talked a lot about the AIBAs at the Olympics..
Forgot to say this,he is a junior middleweight.
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