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Full Version: Angus pricing himself out of Red Death challenge.
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Harold "Harry" Angus has revealed his demands for a title challenge against cruiserweight king Jong "Red Death" Shaoting and they have been branded as "ridiculous" by Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn.

Angus said, "I'm the star here, I'm the main man, the greatest cruiserweight of all time, the living legend. I want 90% of the television revenue. I want a minimum guaranteed purse of 50m. I want to take control of Austin Harris and I want the sole promotional rights over Red Death for 10 fights after our bout. I think these demands are fair and I await Red Deaths response."

Deep Freeze told the press, "Lets be realistic here for a minute. Angus doesn't want the fight, these demands are ridiculous and basically they are laughable. Harry knows BJH won't agree to these demands so he's effectively priced himself out of the fight on purpose. I'm losing respect for Angus by the day."
Larry Holmes: "Harold Angus is Done."

"Those demands were ridiclous." says the former Heavyweight Champion. "Harold Angus is done. He is washed up. Don't be fooled by his recent fights. The moment he fights someone with a pulse, he will get his ass beat. He is washed up. He called me out then bakced out. I'll say it right now, "Red Death" will get in that ass if they do fight."

Who does Angus think he is making those kind of demands, TOS?


"This is just as we expected. We weren't holding our breath for a fight with Angus. He really doesnt even deserve a title shot after the years of bums he has been facing since his prime. Red Death will fight Angus, Tos, or anybody willing to take the challenge. Angus is afraid of losing his luster, and with all of his recent legal troubles, that is just something he cannot afford."
Angus has instead signed to fight Sawney Bean over 12 rounds in a bout to be staged at the 02 Arena in London. Dismissing reports that he had priced himself out of a fight with Red Death, Angus told reporters, "Look, if he thinks that, then let him think it. Like I said already, I'm the star here. I'm not the fighter who only a handful of bouts ago got himself knocked out by a man who can't punch for shit and was 22Ibs lighter than him. By fighting Bean in London I'll be tackling an even bigger man than Red Death, a former world champion himself and a man who has beaten the likes of Povetkin, Berbick, Holyfield, Sefo, Coile and Peligro. I'm making big money from this fight and it's something that excites me more than fighting a lame assed champion whose crying out for some recognition but will always only be remembered for his KO loss to Deep Freeze. If he wants to share the ring with a legend like me then he gotta just bow down to my terms. I'm the greatest."

Meanwhile Angus today confirmed that he had cancelled the contracts of Kindred "Spirit" Cole, "Extravagant" Errol Flynn and Jayceon "Hush" Yancey after they had refused to box under his banner again. All 3 have joined Deep Freeze Entertainment. Angus said of the matter, "They are all finished at the top level and were demanding stupid money to fight. I wasn't gonna bow down to 3 guys who couldn't carry my jock-strap so I sent em packing."
Angus empire is crashing down around him, and it is all due to his inflated sense of self worth.
Yeah I also didnt think Angus would take that risk against Shaoting. Hes not gonna risk his X-1-1 record.
Angus hasn't ruled out challenging Red Death and has even stated that he is prepared to lower his demands in order to get the fight. However he did say, "If BJH and Red Death are willing to offer me something for taking this fight, a fight I don't need, then I'll be willing to sit round the table and discuss things with them. A while back I was prepared to offer TOS EVERY ACTIVE KRUMBSNATCHER fighter if he took a fight with me and won but I NEVER heard back from him. Sometimes in life there has to be compromise. Red Death NEEDS me far more than I need him. To be honest, he'll probably lose to Green this weekend anyway, but if he doesn't I'm ready to talk business."
Angus just keeps on talking. He is just hoping that Red Death loses because he knows that he could look bad in a fight with a boxer like that. Red Death doesnt need Angus. He has beaten Green twice. Angus hasnt done anything of note in a long time. He hasnt been the cruiserweight champ since January. Even if Bigjuicyhog considered giving Angus a fighter or two, the fighters would come back to the Gym regardless. BJH is loved by his fighters as opposed to the hatred many fighters show for Angus.
Allan Green:

"That Shaoting-Angus fight aint gonna happen. I guarantee you that. The first time I fought that guy I got robbed, the second time I underestimated him. Hes definitely a good fighter, Ive gotta give him that, but he aint no Allan Green. Im gonna show you and Im gonna show him that on Sunday. Allan Green is a bigger name and the better fighter. Everybody will know that after Sunday and Harry Angus definitely knows that already."
Harold Angus today insisted that should Red Death beat Allan Green in their upcoming fight, he will face Red Death in a 50/50 purse split with no extra demands.

Angus also said he is seriously considering challenging The Prince and would also be interested in Allan Green.

"I want to make even more history. I need these big names to add to my legacy."
Red Death

"If the is something that Angus is willing to do, I commend him for it. However, with all of his quick talking pullouts in the past, I wouldnt be surprised to see another pull out. I have a real fighter in front of me, and will be doing my best to take Green down. Even if Green wins, I still want to see Angus in against Green. Everybody knows that Angus was the greatest cruiserweight champ ever, and with him being back in his division there are alot of great possibilites."
Scratching his head and looking bewildered Harry Angus said, "Quick talking pull-outs? I need to see where and when I have ever pulled out of a fight. Red Death should be showing me respect, not making shit up about me. End of the day, I wish him luck against Green."
angus picks fighters who he can beat instead of fighting dangerous fighters who have a chance to beat him. one day he will have a hundred wins but nobody will care but i hope to master the heavier divisions and get the chance to beat him myself. is angus the one who makes all the fights coz lots of mine are always unfair.
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