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Full Version: Larry Holmes vs. CyruS "Iron" ViruS Discussion thread
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Team Judah is offering them outstanding Heavyweight contender, Trevor Berbick, who recently won wide decision over Lanky Maxy Gawn Jr and some other contender....

Trevor is an all around great fighter with good power and speed. What will it be!
Harold "Harry" Angus has stepped in to prevent this fight happening because heavyweight contender The Prince is contractually obliged to fight for the heavyweight crown.

Angus said, "The Prince was guaranteed a shot at the title against the winner of Pink-Alcarez but as Pink won and then subsequently retired, Prince HAS to be involved in a title fight for the vacant belt. I am aware that Iron-Holmes is a bigger fight in terms of PPV sales but that cannot be justification for The Prince to be sidestepped. If The Prince is willing to accept step aside money then perhaps negotiations can continue between Iron and Holmes. If not, then Iron-Holmes will either have to be put on the back burner for a while or happen as a non-title fight. Finally I'll add that if Insanity International do not invoke their fighters right to get this title shot then all the moaning that happened a few weeks back will prove to be pathetic attention seeking and nothing more. Good day."
QUOTE(The Prince)
Kinto Mulberry, Sawney Bean, and Solid Snake have all fallen before me...

It`s time for the shot at my belt as promised...

I don`t care who it`s against....I have found my power...and I will beat whoever is in front of me...
Holmes is awaiting Iron and TOS response to the challenge.
The Prince wants the winner....

and big win last night, G...The Prince and I completely underestimated the legend that is The Easton Assassin....
We know what it is C.E.O....Larry Holmes PROMISES to give Prince a rematch after "Iron"....

Prince was at a high and he had a right to be...but he did underestimate Larry and lost a competitive one..
Iron has signed on the dotted line. Holmes-Iron for the World Heavyweight Championship is on. Prepare for some classic Iron promos. laugh.gif
The press conference will be up soon.

Dipsy Gawn, Lanky Gawn, Prince, Pink, Alcarez, Angus, Deep Freeze, Judah are invited to attend and to speak...

Holmes-Iron is going to be a classic staredown

Zab Judah admits CyruS "iron" ViruS was and still is his idol!
"Back when I was on the come up and struggling, Cyrus "Iron" Virus was the man! He beat alot of good contenders when he was champ. This back in the OLD days! Back when Holmes was merely an unknown prospect, uknowmsayin! People thought "Iron" was unbeatable for a while! I looked up to him! He played a role in my rise to tha top! "Iron" will always be an idol of mine..uknowmsayin..he also from the place I am and datz Brownsville, Brooklyn! Although I maange Holmes, uknowmsayin, I got a soft spot for Iron! He was a beast back in da day! He past-his-prime....but back then he was a monster! Give da man credit, he was a 5'11 Heavyweight vs. all deez GIANTS!!! Y'all ain't know how tough it is for him! With that said, he might get hurt vs. Holmes who's much bigger! I got MY ringside tickets, I'ma be watching with my brother Jabdiel!"
QUOTE(Iron - Former Heavyweight Champion Of The World)
As long as we persevere and endure, we can get anything we want. You know what I want? I want back my World Heavyweight Title. I'm the man that made that belt what it is. I want Larry Holmes's head (no homo) decapitated with my pulverising right hand. I know Larry has got plans, everybody's got plans.... until their punk ass gets hit. I love to hit people, I really love it. I try to catch them right on the tip of their nose because I try to punch the bone into the brain and that's what's going to happen to Larry Holmes. I want to rip out his heart and feed it to Dipsy Gawn. And when Larry Holmes feels my power and gets dropped, I hope he gets up so I can hit him again and keep him down. I have to get something off my chest, this misconception about me, I don't try to intimidate anybody before a fight, that's nonsense, I intimidate people by hitting them. I intend to fight and intend to win, I just want to conquer people and their souls and Larry Holmes is a soul I will conquer. I know my career has gone all the way to the top and all the way to the bottom of the rock, God lets everything happen for a reason. It's all a learning process and you have to go from one level to another. At the end of the day, I'm the biggest fighter in the history of the sport. If you don't believe it, check the cash register. Another thing, something that freaks me out, is time. Time is like a book. You have a beginning, a middle and an end. It's just a cycle.
Larry Holmes discusses fight with "Iron", also talks about the "New Breed" of Heavyweights!

FH: Hello, Larry.
LH: Hi.

FH: Okay Larry, the fight is almost here. Why is this your "dream fight" exactly?
LH: Listen, "Iron" was the man back when I was a kid on the rise. The same day I had my first fight, "Iron" made his 7th defense of his title. I've always wanted to fight "Iron". Now I've paid my dues and gotten the big wins over Pink and Prince and I finally got the fight I wanted.

FH: So that's the reason?
LH: Also because I want to get back at TOS in a little way. TOS gave me my WORST loss back in the day and since I never could get a rematch with him, I'll take it out on his boy "Iron". Also, TOS don't like giving rematches. So I'll beat his boy SO bad he'll leave the arena with his tail tucked in between his legs.

FH: How do you see the fight going?
LH: I'm going to do all types of things. I'm gonna box but I'll be hitting him with power shots and he'll get KO'd late. He'll have a hard time dealing with my jab. He'll have a hard time hurting me since I'm bigger.

FH: So you're predicting a late KO?
LH: Yes, late KO or decision. It's going to be a boxing lesson, that's all I'll say.

FH: So, you're finally making some big bucks in this fight...
LH: Yes thank you TOS and Iron for accpeting this fight. "Irons" name sold this fight really well. I'll knock him out.

FH: But Larry, what's up with all these new Heavyweights man? Teddy Bates, Carl Leach, and Danny Gawn have disreprescted you because you said you'd take a break after the "Iron" fight...
LH: Look, these guys call "Iron" a joke but their over protected bums. "Iron" was champ at one time. Who the fuck are these unproven youngbloods? They SURE got my attention though and they WILL get dealt with....

FH: Larry, you have to seems to soon for you to retire with all those guys around, including Jorge Alcarez.
LH: I'm not thinking about any of those chumps. Alcarez will get a shot soon, he just needs to stay active. Those 2 new chumps, Leach and Bates are next back to back. Then Alcarez will get dealt with after those 2. Leah and Bates however should fight Evander Olyfield. Oldyfield is a gatekeeper at this point much like Ice Cream Gawn is.

FH: So have your plans changed?
LH: Yes. My plans have know what my plan is right now?

FH: What???

FH:'re really going to fight them one by one?
LH: Yes....Before I leave this sport and take a break, I need to make an example...I need to give out beatings...and TAKE their respect. I need to SON them. You know how it is, man. What would you do if some young punks started talking shit to you on the street, on the way home from this interview, and you COULD beat their ass if you wanted'd do it and teach them respect. See, I've been in there with everyone man. Dipsy, Lanky, Pink, Prince, Alexeev, now Iron this Sunday...who the HELL are these dudes? Alcarez, Bates, and Leach can kiss my fuckin' ass. I will destroy them and show them who the fuck Larry Holmes is. I was raised in Easton, Pennsylvania, man. I learned how to fight here. I am going to fuck these cats up something terrible.

FH: Larry, thank you so much for your time.
LH: My pleasure. Bye.

*Larry's trainer can be heard in the back saying "rip this shit up, Champ. Who do these fuckers think they are!?"
Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn and Sennen "Cuban Link" Pink will be ringside for "Iron"-Holmes this weekend and are also due to appear at the weigh in later today.

Dipsy, who now works at Dragons Vault, didn't try and defend the comments made by Teddy Bunter and Carlton Leach but did admit both men had "plenty to prove". Whilst he was talking on the mic, Bunter steamed into the room and snatched the mic from Dipsy before yelling, "Larry Holmes is scared of me! I will find him and I will fuck him up so bad his own mother won't recognise him!" Bunter then kicked the press stand over and began to challenge the entire press row to a fight, before he left the room screaming abuse at everyone in sight.

Dipsy later said, "Teddy is from the streets, he's a street fighter by trade, not a boxer. Same goes for Carlton Leach. They run the doors, that's how they learnt to fight. But they'll never be polished boxers. Truth is, I respect Larry Holmes, but Iron is a puppy. I'd beat him with one-arm tied behind my back and he knows it. Holmes will knock Iron out in under 6 rounds."
Fighters predict Holmes vs Iron outcome.

Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn

"I truthfully believe this will be an easy fight for Holmes. Credit to him for getting a high profile, high paid bout against a 'name' opponent, but lets be honest, Iron Virus hasn't got a chance. This is going to be painful for Iron and I see Holmes hurting him often and eventually knocking him out. KO 6 Holmes."

Sennen "Cuban Link" Pink

"You gotta go with Holmes. Iron's only chance in this fight is if Holmes gets careless or thinks he's got the win before he enters the ring. Any fighter can lose to a lesser fighter if they don't get their tactics right. I see Holmes counter punching early to negate Iron's early assaults, and then basically taking Iron outta there. KO 10 Holmes."

Harold "Harry" Angus

"Mismatch. People will pay to see it because despite his limitations, Iron Virus excites naive people. Holmes can play with him if he wants. I think Larry will be wary of Iron early on and then he'll step it up and take Iron apart. You'll see an exhausted Iron laying on his back unconscious and the myth will finally be put to bed. KO 8 Holmes."

Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn

"Holmes goes inside against an all-out Iron and he faces the only possibility I see of him losing this one. If he counter punches, the way I expect him to do, he will annihilate Iron. I can't see it going more than 7 rounds to be honest. Larry is twice the fighter Iron will ever be I'm afraid. This is a mismatch. Holmes KO 7."

Holmes taunted the street fighter Teddy Bates...saying "If you fight me, I'll send you back to the Philly junkyards where you can fight for lose change".
QUOTE(Iron - Former Heavyweight Champion Of The World)
You have to understand, Larry Holmes would not have been champion if I had not been in prison. Touch oF SleeP would not have been champion if I had not been in prison. A lot of these guys would not have been champion. Max Kellerman would not have been champion. Those guys would not have been champion if I had been around. They would have had no legacy. None of those guys would have had a legacy. I would have been in shape. I would have been active. Dipsy Gawn, those guys wouldn't have been champion when I was around, but I went away for four or five months inactive and that made them competitive for a time. But you really have to look at the science of the situation. You guys come here to talk and report but you don't actually look at the facts of what this business is all about. The best thing that happened to those guys and they should stand on their mother's shoulders and kiss my ass because I went to prison or they would not be existing right now. They'd be a flash in the pan and would have made some money and opened up a restaurant or bar somewhere where they live at. So when all these so called fighters come out from everywhere and try and degrade my legacy and my skills need to wake the fuck up because I was the one that carried the sport when it started. I was the one they looked up too. I was the one they wanted to be when they made it to the top. These puny mortals need to pay homage and they will, right after I crack Larry Holmes's orbital bone and take back my World Heavyweight Title.
So Holmes won every round against a man who basically came to hug. Very poor fight, awful performance from Iron and a total snooze-fest.

Teddy Bunter, who knocked out Kimbo Slice in the 1st round, called Holmes out saying. "I'll destroy Larry Holmes, beat him so bad he'll be proper finished. Iron Virus is a bum! Holmes better give me the shot he promised me or will he be too scared?"
Iron retired again after the fight. A fan asked where he was going and Iron replied, "Back to bolivion!"
In reality, this fight was just made so that Iron could get a payday...and Holmes could beat someone he looked up to.

See press releases for Holmes reply to Bates
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