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Full Version: Kimbo..."I am read to become a Superstar"
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Street fighting legend and Heavyweight Contender has been dismissed a circus act and a joke since losing to Former Straweight Champion Kieran Pikey in his 8th Pro fight. Kimbo to this day claims he was drugged by Harold Angus before the fight and did not train. Kimbo has compiled a record of 19 wins, 5 losses, 18 wins coming by way of knockout. Kimbo's wins however, have mostly come against low level opposition. Nevertheless, he has looked impressive to many.

Team Judah trainer, Fernando Montiel, says Kimbo "can punch like hell. That's it. He is better than he was against Pikey by alot. But he is still limited."

Kimbo is set to take on one of the greatest Cruiserweight Champions of all time, the aged Maxy "Ice Cream" Gawn. Gawn is on a bad run, 2-6 in his last 8 fights, getting stopped brutally all 6 times. "He's a faded fighter...he's not what he once was at Cruiserweight" says Montiel. Montiel believes the SLICE has what it takes to win this fight since "Ice Cream" is badly faded.

Sunday, October 5, marks the first true test of the "Circus Act" Kimbo Slice. Will he pass.

Who wins?

Some comments made by both fights...

Maxy "Ice Cream" Gawn...

"Kimbo Slice you`ve bitten off way more than you can chew by picking me as an opponent. I`m on a losing streak but thats all about to change now with this fight being made.

You`ll wish you never got your dumb promoter to make this fight Kimbo. I`ll take your bread and shove it up your ass!

Kimbo Slice......

"Fuck u nigga I`m for the hood I ain`t gon lose dis fight `cus dis be the fight of my dreams you know what Im sayin Im gon be makin mad bread in dis fight right here Ima knock ya old ass back. I got`s bread and I`ll kill you motherfucker

Then Ima take yo ass to da dressing room then chock you out and leave u in the hospital mah dude ya feel me playa"
Ice Cream is adamant that Kimbo Slice has taken this fight too early in his career to have a hope of beating the veteran former cruiserweight champion. "Age has seen me put on a few pounds so I can't make cruiser again, but I enjoy testing these young kids. I've had a rough ride lately, my form has been poor and I badly need to return to winning ways. Kimbo Slice presents me with an easy fight that I'll enjoy winning, plus I'll put on a show for the fans at the same time."
Kimbo should knock him out. Good to see Ice Cream still active though.
The trouble with Ice Cream is he gets hit too much. Intensive strength training has taken away points from his agilty and when he lost AP's they also came from his agility. This is why he keeps getting busted up by all these young prospects but I do believe he can find a way to beat Kimbo.

If he can't then it's probably best for him to retire....but I won't do that.
Ice Cream got a badly needed win by knocking out Slice in round 4. "I told him, he wasn't ready for me yet. He still needs time."
Kimbo is being offered a deal by youtube to come back to video taping street fights...Kimbo needs to find a way to make some bread...


But that was a shocker. I dont understand the world, how can Ice Cream win such a fight like that? biggrin.gif
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