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Full Version: FightHype Preview and Poll: Peter vs. Klitschko
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Jack 1000
Who do you like in the title fight between Peter and Klitschko? Comment and Vote in the Poll!


Give me Vitali by brutal KO!!!! 8th round
Klitschko by a wide decision!
Klitschko by BLOCKBUSTER KO...possibly very early...

It will be a KO of The Year candidate....

Big Slim Sweet
I went with Peter by KO but think it will be more of the Vitali quitting on his stool with an injury variety. (yeah, I know, everyone says that). I just can't see VitKlit returning to form at this point in his career. Too old, too rusty.
Like I said,Klitchko by KO
Jack 1000
I'm torn between Peter by late rounds KO and Peter by dec. I think that much depends on physically and mentally, which Vitali Klitschko shows up and which Sam Peter shows up. This is another potential sloppy, free-swinging war with one shot power by both guys followed by a lot of clinching and grabbing. Throw a bomb, miss on the follow up, lean on the guy and than repeat. Think of two Razor Ruddock's in there. This is not going to win any prizes for technique. Given Vitali's questionable heart and mental state, we could see a cancellation as late as Friday night.

In order for Vitali to win, he must do his thing early as in within the first 4 rounds. Otherwise the rust will appear from that point on, and if you apply the pressure that Peter can apply (when he cares.) Vitali will start to give and than lose a decision, if he is still able to survive the late rounds, that he will retire again. Vitali has to convince the public that he is serious about this comeback. That this is not for a paycheck, and I am not convinced. He's too injury prone. He's status over a cut eye loss to Lewis, a fight that I had 3-3 at the stoppage even though Vitali did better in winning his rounds than Lewis did his, was a long time ago. You can't have that much ring inactivity and still be sharp in a comeback.

Peter by UD

King Eugene
Damnit just give me a KO
Jack 1000
Wouldn't Vitali be AT LEAST a 4-1 long-shot? Many are not taking into account his inactivity, his fragile mental and physical state, and all the factors that he must overcome to beat the more active (although limited) Peter. I still say his best was the Lewis loss, which makes Vitali somewhat over-rated.

The interest in this fight are two banging heavyweights with questionable chins and limited abilities. The negatives on each fighter, that I mentioned on Vitali above also can be applied to Peter almost getting smashed by Jamil McCline. The problem was McCline suffering from too much sparring partner syndrome and lack of stamina and no will to win. These things made him unwilling unable to finish a guy. This shows Peter is not some diamond in the rough! hahaha.

The weak mental state of Vitali plus the ability questioned of how well Vitali can recover after a lay off and the limited ability of Peter to now take a punch, (almost getting stopped by McCline really is almost laughable.) throw many variables into analyzing this fight.

This comes down to not only who may be able to take the first big bomb from the other, but who is actually smart enough to know how to set up punches in combinations when they have the other guy hurt. Both of these guys suffer from Razor Ruddock syndrome in this regard. They often aren't busy enough when they have the other guy hurt. They are both slow and robotic, making up for their shortcomings with punching power and that's it. But given the shit that is today's heavyweights, punching power may be enough in this fight.

I'm taking Klitschko's straight, power punches over Peter's wide, caveman haymakers into account, Jack....

You'll see...this is gonna be one of those "Violent KOs" that U.S. Champ always talks
King Eugene
I want to see how both take a bomb from the other. I think Vitali has been to inactive to be able to withstand the punch power of Peter but at the same time the last time Peter fought a fighter similar to Vitali (Wlad) as far as style he lost handidly.
I just want somebody to get brutally knocked out, I don't care who just that somebody hit the canvas for a 10 count.
King Eugene
QUOTE(hardhead @ Oct 8 2008, 08:55 PM) [snapback]406526[/snapback]
I just want somebody to get brutally knocked out, I don't care who just that somebody hit the canvas for a 10 count.

I dont even want a 10 count, I want one of those "1,2,3...(wave the hands) he cant go anymore" LOL
Peter by TKO.
The Ollie Reed Fan Club
I really hate Peter but I think he's gonna win this one.

There are a lot of variables in this fight, Vitali's inactivity, his injuries, Peter's own desire to get into shape etc.

So I'm gonna go with something I rarely do, the photos from the weigh-in.

Peter looks like he's in the best shape in years. He also seems genuinely pissed off with his treatment in Germany and has for once given up his whole 'God fearing goat farmer from Nigeria' schtick.

Hope I'm wrong and Vitali knocks seven shades of shit out of him, but hey since this is a prediction thread I might as well make a prediction, even if it's not the result I'll be hoping for.
Damn, nobody is giving Peter any love. Neither did I though, I voted for Vitali. I did only think about it for like 3 seconds though, and came to the thoughtful, logical conclusion that Vitali was going to knock the fuck out of him
I wanna see Vitalee get KO'd if for no other reason than I love how when one Clit gets KO'd, the other is always in the ring afterwards threatening the opponent with menacing looks, etc.
QUOTE(hardhead @ Oct 8 2008, 08:55 PM) [snapback]406526[/snapback]
I just want somebody to get brutally knocked out, I don't care who just that somebody hit the canvas for a 10 count.

how about a double ko!
I like the Klitschkos, but those photo's crack me up every time.
The Original MrFactor
I expect Vit to BLITZ Peter in the 1st round and end it early in the 2nd. I expect a damn near replay of his fight with Kirk Johnson...
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