Important Information:

It is my understanding that while the Dawson-Tarver fight is live tomorrow night, all Fight Hypers MUST keep in mind that Klitscko-Peter is TAPE delayed from Germany. The replay (along with the live call of Dawson-Tarver) will be shown on Showtime tomorrow night (Saturday October 11 at 8:00 PM CST.)

The live call is estimated to be between 4-5 PM CST. Anyone with further updates please confirm.

ANY USERS WHO WISH TO TALK ABOUT THE FIGHT LIVE AS IT HAPPENS, OR KNOW RESULTS MUST CREATE A TOPIC WITH THE WORD "SPOILER" IN IT....(OR ELSE!) I am serious about the "or else." This is a pretty big fight for all of us. Anyone who spills the beans by creating a thread without a spoiler warning will have post warning violations added to their accounts AND possibly up to a 2 day suspension from the boards! This may seem harsh, but it's damn rude and inconsiderate to wait to see the fight later that night, when someone already knows the results. People plan get togethers with friends and family to watch the boxing and their evening is ruined because somebody gave the results away without the courtesy of a spoiler thread if they are watching a live stream. DON'T SPOIL IT FOR THE REST OF US!

We will create conventional round by round threads tomorrow night for both Dawson-Tarver (live) and Peter-Klitschko. In other words we will be treating Peter-Klitscko as if it were a live fight. There will be only ONE other duplicate thread on the board allowed for the fight, that is any thread with Peter-Klitscko spoiler results contained in the topic title.

Users who plan to wait for the Showtime tape delayed broadcast, and follow along with our round by round thread, should not click on the spoiler thread. Note that your account may also face a 2 day suspension, if you give away the spoiler information within the tape delayed thread.

Thanks for your cooperation.