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Full Version: Deep Freeze issues challenge to The Prince.
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Former super middleweight, light heavyweight and cruiserweight champion of the world, Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn has officially issued a challenge to world heavyweight champion The Prince.

Deep Freeze, who boxed a 12 round decison win over Rolando Garbey at welterweight last night, told reporters, "I see it as a huge challenge, a massive fight for me. I know it's probably a bridge too far. I know I can't compete with the sluggers at heavyweight but a fighter like The Prince does definitely interest me. He has the power to knock me out but I'm willing to take that risk. I'd love to have the opportunity to box him and I'd never forgive myself if I didn't at least try and make the fight. I watched his win over Aaron Williams tonight and he's a good fighter, a good champion, but I've got my heart set on challenging him and I just hope he accepts. I await his response."
QUOTE(The Prince)
SKULLSPLITTER has already lined up a few sparring partners with similar builds and skills to Deep Freeze...we will run through all possible scenarios, and The CEO will devise a plan that will cover any tactics they decide to bring...

In other words....I accept with full confidence.

Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn is delighted to confirm that he will be challenging for the world heavyweight title on Sunday October 19th against defending champion The Prince.

Deep Freeze told fighthype, "The negotiations went very smoothly and we had the deal done within a half hour. Myself and Skullplitter had no extra hidden demands, the purse split was agreed in seconds and everything was conducted in a professional manner. Probably the easiest fight negotiation I've ever been involved in. I'd like to thank The Prince for giving me this opportunity. Now I know there is no way out, no hiding place..even if I am having second thoughts, it's too late for me to back out. This fight is signed a sealed and tickets will go on sale shortly. I'm really looking forward to it."

Former champion Sennen "Cuban Link" Pink, who went 1/1 with The Prince told us, "Deep Freeze is in way over his head this time. The Prince is a little like Dipsy Gawn was...he doesn't look like a powerful guy but I know he can hit damn hard. This is going to be embarrassing for Deep Freeze. I'm shocked that he's actually signed for this fight. Stunned."
Team Judah Fighters thoughts on the fight...

Larry Holmes (Former Heavyweight Champion): This fight is disgrace. It's a freak fight. Deep Freeze is a Light-Heavyweight and Prince is a big ass Heavyweight. The truth is, Deep Freeze can't do nothing to Prince at all. Walk in the park. I should be fighting Prince. In fact, I'll tell it his face that I would son him.

Terry Norris (Super-Welterweight Contender): I think it's an easy win for Prince. And STILL!

Roy Jones Jr. (Former Light-Heavyweight Champion): Deep Freeze is in way over his head! He gon' get LAYED OUT!!!!

Kimbo Slice (Heavyweight Contender): I want's da winner of diz' fight becuz I think I can make some bread vs the winner

Fernando Montiel: On paper, this should be an easy win for Prince. But he better fight smart. Deep Freeze is still a tricky fighter.
Really interesting fight. Kinda like the Freeze vs. Mendoza fight but still quiet different. If Freeze fights the perfect fight, maybe he can win it but Im going with The Prince. But as long as Freeze doesnt fight a monstrous slugger at heavyweight, he might get it done.
Reports from the Deep Freeze camp suggest his sparring sessions have not been going well for him. An insider who wishes to remain anonymous told fighthype, "Freeze may have known he was up against when he signed for this fight but after sparring today he's in no doubt that this is looking an impossible task. He had a couple of guys brought in to spar with him today but after 6 rounds he called it a day because he was gassed and in danger of getting very badly hurt. The Prince will feast on him judging by today's showing."

We caught up with Freeze as he left his gym wearing dark glasses and sporting a small nick on his cheek.

FH "You look like you've been in a tough fight today Freeze...?"

DF "Just another day at the office. I'm sparring with huge guys and when huge guys hit you they tend to hurt you."

FH "Do you fear getting badly hurt by The Prince? He's extremely confident that he can literally squash you?"

DF "I don't fear getting hurt, I don't fear losing. This is the hurt business afterall. I'll do my best on Sunday and if it isn't to be then at least I will have tried. Defeat hurts every fighter. I've been knocked out before, it'll happen again. Hopefully I can find a way to make the fight interesting."

FH "Some people are claiming you took this fight because of your success against Red Death at cruiserweight -"

DF "No, I know this is a totally different fight altogether. The Prince is taller, hits harder and is 44Ibs heavier than Red Death. All I can do is work hard in training and hope for the best."

FH "Will there be a surprise with your weight. Rumour has it you have bulked up since the Red Death fight?"

DF "I'm 6ft 7", I can easliy carry more weight and be effective with it. We'll see come the weigh in if I've added any more weight."

FH "One thing that strikes me is you don't seem to be oozing confidence."

DF "Listen I would far rather be fighting a 6ft guy rather than a guy whose nearly 7ft but I wanted to test myself. This will probably be my last big fight, I might as well go out with a bang."
One on One with The Prince

FH: FightHype would like to welcome the reigning, undisputed, Heavyweight Champion of The World...

TP: (cutting in) The pleasure is all yours. I don't like interviews, and I don't have much time. Let's go....

FH: uhhhh...alright then....what do you think of "Deep Freeze" Gawn? Is he gonna be a challenge?

TP: He is a future victim. That is what I think of him....

FH: You sound pretty confident.

TP: Ofcourse I am confident. I am The Prince....and the undisputed KING of The Heavyweight Division. You would be confident too if you were me....but you are not me. There is only ONE me.

FH: Ok...ok...there is only one you. Why do you think so highly of yourself? Explain in detail if you can....

TP: I will narrow it down to one word for your childlike mind. I am "Perfect". A God among retarded infants...

FH: (cutting in) but you've lost fi

TP: Are you cutting in on me? Just who in the Hell do you think you are? Are you 6' 10"? Are YOU super fast and exceptionally agile? Do YOU have knockout power in both hands? Do YOU have a chin of forged steel? Do YOU have stamina for miles and miles and miles? I think not! Don't you EVER cut in on me again. I am The Prince, and you're not! This interview is over. You're welcome. Now fuck off....

(The Prince rips off his mic and strides off the set)

FH: (to his sound crew) Did you get all that? What an asshole.
Prince didn't give FH enough time to ask him about Larry Holmes.....Holmes has said some things about Prince....Holmes has promised he is going to meet Prince face to face on Sunday..hmm...ohmy.gif
And LOL at Prince

Are you cutting in on me? Just who in the Hell do you think you are? Are you 6' 10"? Are YOU super fast and exceptionally agile? Do YOU have knockout power in both hands? Do YOU have a chin of forged steel? Do YOU have stamina for miles and miles and miles? I think not! Don't you EVER cut in on me again. I am The Prince, and you're not! This interview is over. You're welcome. Now fuck off....

(The Prince rips off his mic and strides off the set)

FH: (to his sound crew) Did you get all that? What an asshole.



The Prince is the most arrogant bastard in the league....the people will love to hate him.

He's like an intelligent, Heavyweight, Money Mayweather....
Deep Freeze Gawn has opted against having public sparring sessions amid rumours that he was floored heavily by 6' 10" heavyweight prospect Soul "Erotic Thunder" Canton. Canton, who is only status 11, refused to talk about the incident but he did tell reporters he was worried for his mentor.

Meanwhile Harry Angus has labelled The Prince an "awkward nobody who won't reign for long but will most definitely crush Deep Freeze."

He said, "Everybody knows II fighters like to inflict pain on their opponents. They like to hit hard and often, and they are a fearless bunch. The Prince will roll right over Freeze. It's gonna be embarrassing for Deep Freeze."

Former world champion Dipsy Gawn told the press, "In actuality it's impossible for Freeze to win this fight. His outside style is only suited against guys who are smaller than him, he doesn't have the power to fend off a sustained attack from a huge guy like The Prince and I don't even reckon he's as quick as The Prince. Props to Freeze for going through with it, he must have confidence in himself but my money is on The Prince. The Prince is arrogant but he probably knows this is an easy fight. And that's what it is. An easy fight."
I have to laugh at Deep Freeze and everyone close to him trying to lull us into a false sense of security....excuse me a second....(laughing pretty hard)................look....despite what The Prince is saying...we're not taking this fight lightly at fact....we're training for Deep Freeze as if he was the best 6' 7" Heavweight on the know I'm not gonna tell you if were going to box him or crush him....but I can tell you this....The Prince really CAN do it all...and whatever plan we choose to roll with...well....let's just say it will "get the job done" hear that, Dipsy?
Dipsy Gawn.

"When the fight is over re-read my words and tell me then that I didn't say anything that isn't true. Everybody who has ever had any type of association with Deep Freeze would love him to win this fight but he's given up way too many physical advantages to make it happen. I'm very rarely wrong when I pick the outcome of fights, I'd love to be wrong this time because if Deep Freeze won it would be an achievement above anything else I have ever seen in a boxing ring. I no longer work with Deep Freeze, he runs his own gym and it's a closed shop. His gym has never won a world title fight, they are still looking for their first world champion and I would hate to think that Deep Freeze is getting desperate for that to happen. It'll happen eventually, I'm sure of it but he won't be the man to do it. Not in this fight anyway. In actual fact he would have been far better off if he had tried to wrestle the cruiserweight crown from Allan Green, or the light heavyweight crown from that Mattrix guy. They are winnable (albeit) difficult fights for him, but a 243Ib 6' 10" heavyweight is beyond him. I know what I'm talking about, I'm a big guy myself and I knew how to use my height and speed to get results. I'm sure The Prince knows all this too. I don't want Freeze to get hurt and I most definitely don't want to see him get destroyed. I'm hoping for a competitive fight. The Prince will be wary of Freeze's power because he knows that Freeze knocked out Red Death when he was falling behind on points. I expect to see The Prince adopt his counter punching style which he has used so effectively in many of his recent fights. I was ringside when he boxed Cuban Link in fight no.2 and if he'd used that counter punching style he would have beaten Pink again. That's a fact. He proved it by knocking out Mulberry in what....4 rounds? (someone whispers 6)...OK 6 rounds. Fact is if a fighter as big as The Prince boxes, he is virtually unbeatable unless he is in with an equally as strong fighter. Freeze has had a great career but this is a fight too far. Mr CEO, I'm telling it like it is. Make no mistake about it. The Prince's only other option would be to box Freeze from range, something Red Death did twice but failed to win in either fight. Freeze is very smart, he must think he has a chance but I don't really believe it will dawn on him just how hard of a task he is up against until he goes face to face at the pre-fight instructions."
Allan Green:

"You know, guys, this is actually an interesting fight. Im not saying Deep Freeze is gonna win it, but I do believe hes got a chance. Prince is a tough and strong fighter, but he aint no big puncher and he aint no guy who pounds your body. I know both these guys really well and obviously Prince is the favorite, but lets see. Freeze cant KO him though. Prince is much bigger than Shaoting and if Freeze falls behind and needs the KO, hell go to sleep himself.
And by the way Freeze just cant beat me ..."
In a tactical fight which lacked major excitement, Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn came close to making history but ultimately his fight for the world heavyweight crown ended in a 12 round draw. Freeze was happy with his performance telling reporters, "At the end of the day I am the much smaller fighter and everybody knew I wasn't gonna be unloading bombs or trying to take the fight into the trenches. As the bigger man I felt it was The Prince's responsibility to his fans to assert his superior size and strength against me and to be honest I expected a much more painful night. It's a moral victory for me. I deserved the draw, in fact it could be argued that I deserved the win considering the physical disadvantages I had to endure. The Prince wasn't as good as I thought he would be. If I do get another opportunity against him I will box with more energy in the early rounds because that is where I think I cost myself the result. I'm happy, I'm content. I've just got myself a draw with the heavyweight champ and I live to fight another day."
QUOTE(The Prince)
You have witnessed pure Greatness. Look at me and remember what I am about to tell you right here and right now...

I accomplished ALL of my goals last night. My main one being to show how easy it is to "get the job done" like that overrated hack, Dipsy Gawn, and retain my title...

and let it be known that I had to show Mercy upon Deep Freeze to achieve this goal....whereas Dipsy had to fight for his life for all of his Split Decisions and Draws...

Don't feel bad that you were but a mere guinea pig last night, Deep Freeze. Don't let it mess with your mind. You tried hard last night...if you still want a rematch after learning of your supporting role in last night's experiment, I will give it to you one of these days....but you need to know this, my child...I will actually think about you as I'm fighting you and try a little next time...

but right now I have to stay the course that was charted long ago...and that is to fight and destroy the legendary, but limited, Larry Holmes...and after that...guess whose job will get done next...that is if he has the testicular fortitude to lay his sham of a career on the line.

(someone yells)

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

Both Maxy “Deep Freeze” Gawn and Dipsy “Lipstick” Gawn have moved quickly to ridicule the claims made by heavyweight chump The Prince that he “accomplished all his goals, the main one being to show how easy it is to get the job,” in a diss at Dipsy Gawn.

A laughing, clearly out of shape Dipsy said, “He’s a clown prince, embarrassed by his performance, embarrassed that a man 64Ibs lighter than him, was able to get a draw. I said before the fight that I expected The Prince to do a number on Freeze and I believed what I said. I figured no man with an ounce of pride in his 243Ib frame would allow a feather fisted blown up super middleweight to have any kinda success in a fight for the heavyweight crown. I watched the fight, commentated on it and looked on in complete dismay. At one point I turned to my co-commentator and said, ’He’s afraid to commit, he’s fighting scared!’ Genuinely I couldn’t believe it. OK, so I know he wants to emulate me, he wants to become a ring legend, he wants to enjoy the kinda success I enjoyed, never losing a title fight in 21 bouts…that’s all good but he won’t get me back into the ring with his mixed up delusional comments. Try’na steal my line? Oh man, he just wants to be the fighter everyone loves to hate but the sad thing is, nobody gives a damn about him. The whole crowd last night were chanting for Deep Freeze. The Prince’s ‘legacy’ is done with that result. He drew with a blown up super middleweight. Oh man, stop me before I piss my pants.”

Deep Freeze said, “I’m bigger than mind games. Been there, done that, written the book, sold the T-shirt. I went into the fight with a great deal of respect for the champion, I came out of the fight unhappy because I didn’t beat a man who is so obviously inferior to me in every aspect apart from his size. I won’t go calling for a rematch. Don’t need one. I already shocked everyone by going as close as I did. He was a disgrace at the end of the day. I trained for a fight with the heavyweight champ, I guessed he would have some pride, want to squash me and I told everyone I expected a painful night. It didn’t happen. To be honest, it’s pointless having a rematch now. He’s shown himself to be very limited and basically it wouldn’t be such a big accomplishment to take the belt from him now. Nah, let him fight the real heavyweights. His reign won’t last long, certainly he won’t hit double figures in terms of title defences. If Holmes don’t beat him Peligro will. Nah, I’ll enjoy myself for a while, way up my next move. Spend time with my wife and kids and forget about this guy. I weighed in at 179Ibs and he couldn’t put a dent in me. I just wish I hadn’t overrated him in my preparation. Oh well, life goes on.”
QUOTE(Touch oF SleeP - A.k.A. Machine Gun Funk)
I gotta tip my hat to Deep Freeze. He put up a pretty good performance against a much much bigger guy. And while Deep Freeze who's a blown up Super-Middleweight could not win the World Heavyweight Title the same way, I, a blown up Jr. Middleweight did, I gotta say Deep Freeze impressed the hell out of me. Good fuckin fight dog! Now give me a call about Nigel.
1st. Press Conference (The Prince, Larry Holmes, Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn, Harold Angus, Dipsy Gawn, Sennen Pink in attendance)

Larry Holmes:
Look, Prince is the best Heavyweight alive right now despite that un-inspiring performance. I'm stablemates with Solid Snake and I can honestly say Snake's devastating loss to Prince RUINED his career. He's just been getting knocked out since that fight. Prince has beaten a shitload of contenders and it would be foolish for me to underestimate him despite his performance against Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn, who is a much smaller fighter. Prince has beaten Pink, Povketin, Giant Man, Snake, Aaron Williams, Kinto Mulberry, Dark Heaven..shit...I could go on....he talks SHIT like I do...but the thing about us is...we BACK IT UP!

But one question? Has Prince ever fought a legend, as skilled as me? We're really going to find out what this kid is made of...I'm going to test him. All the Heavyweights in the world know how tough I am. I've been in there with alot of great fighters and have beaten some. I may lose this fight...or I may beat The Prince up..and make it look gangsta....We'll see. I've never been dominated before. I'm not going to let no young punk like Prince dominate me. I will dominate HIM!!!

Oh and I know y'all saw me in England, interrupting that little Press Conference...remember what I said Harold Angus.

*Stares Angus down*

Thank you laides and gentlement

ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif haha.gif

This is getting really interesting....on my father's grave, I did NOT instruct The Prince to carry Freeze like that and make it close on purpose.....but that's The Prince for ya.....he is very advanced mentally and always tells me he only shows the people what he WANTS them to see....he was clearly dominating Freeze with minimal effort for 8 rounds....seriously....The Prince had the legendary Deep Freeze in his pocket without producing one bead of sweat...that can't be denied. It was the last thing everyone expected....including myself.

THAT being said...although I didn't agree with what he chose to do last night at the time....he's now informed me of exactly what he wants to achieve, and we're finally on the same page...and I really have to give it to him....he truly IS a genius....he is thinking way, Way, WAY ahead of the competition....The Prince's performance last night will probably go down as the most brilliant, scientific, human chess move in the History of WeBL Boxing....
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