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Full Version: Ali Funeka is a real threat to ALL lightweights!
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I watched the fight on youtube and it was more one-sided than I thought....Funeka put Raheem down about 5 times.

He is like a Pavlik/Corrales type fighter. He's tall and he's got some serious pop in his right hand and he's young too. I think he's a threat to everyone at Lightweight.
Mean Mister Mustard
Was wathcing the whole fight on Youtube. How tall is he? It looked like a welter against a lightweight in there. You could see Raheem protesting after the first couple of knockdows and then in the later ones he wasn't even talking anymore. You could see in his eyes he knew the guy could crack.

But really, how tall is this guy? He looks weird too, like one of those aliens from Signs. And he's Campbell's mandatory? Tough luck for the galaxy warrior.

King Eugene
Campbell decisions him
5 times??

I saw that knockout and while the blow was thrown while the bell rang,it was on Raheem to protect himself. I didn't know there were 5 knockdowns in that fight though.

Campbell decisions him I agree. He's tall and lanky, doesn't seem much of an inside fighter and that would be Nate's domain..
Now let me see. I typed this earlier, and it wouldn't seem to allow it to go through; then I came back to put it through and found it was already here. Wow! (smile) Anyway, what I previously said here earlier is now below.
Funeka could pose a tough test for Nate!!!
"He looks weird too, like one of those aliens from Signs." thumbsup_anim.gif

I analyzed that fight -- Yeah, Funeka dropped him 5 times, and I read all these knocks on Funkeka for it as if he cheated or something. The shots were at the bell...but Raheem was hit after he made his move with his left, getting cracked on a counter while he and Funkeka were both in motion to go for it -- a simple swipe of "King's" left by Funeka's right, which was defense, followed by a sharp 1, 2 got King right up outta there.

Mean Mister Mustard

He looks like Sam Cassell

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