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Full Version: V.Klitschko Gloves?
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...well to an extent lol!! check this out

'Just when you thought you've heard everything. WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko has revealed his secret remedy for keeping his hands from swelling after fights. The champion told BILD he wraps his hands with Pampers soaked with the urine of his three-year-old son Max. "Children's urine is pure, without toxic substances and hardly smells. Little Max must make peepee for Dad," Klitschko is quoted as saying. "Some people even drink their own urine, however I don't." The champ added, "I also recommend the urine compress for Sam Peter. He could wind it around his head."
Tuesday, October 14 2008'

LMFAO I find this highly amusing! I found myself laughing out loud while reading this! The line right below did it for me
"..Little Max must make peepee for Dad,"

Can anyone back Klits claim to the use of the urine?? I find this extremely wierd and is a very 1st of hear of anything!! I know urine CAN be good for some cuts for infections, but not for swelling and saoking your hands in it before a title fight lol!
Dr Urine Fist anyone???
King Eugene
QUOTE(Fitz @ Oct 14 2008, 10:27 PM) [snapback]407163[/snapback]

That dude is fucked. Something tells me he enjoys 'water sport' activities in his free time also.

LMAO you are crazy!

Water Polo!!!
Mean Mister Mustard
So his WBC belst isn't the only GOLDEN thing he wears.
No wonder a lot of fighters like R Kelly.
Is there a link to the article?
Samuel PEE-ter.
Guess that explains Peter's piss-poor performance...
So I guess, technically, Klits kid took a piss on Peters face. Baby Klit 1, Sam Peter 0.
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