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Full Version: Zab "Super" Judah signs to fight Carlos "El Indio" Quintana
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It's official.....

Some notes...

-Carlos Quintana used to be the pupil of Zab Judah before moving to BJH's gym.
-Judah gave Quintana many beatings in sparring.
-Quintana is often praised by Judah is one of his greatest pupils.
-Quintana is 6'3. Judah is 5'6.
-Both are two division champions. Quintana won titles at 135 & 140. Judah won titles at 140 & 147
-This will be Judah's 60th fight. He retired for a few weeks. This will be Quintana's 53rd fight.
-Quintana has fought 15 World Champions. Judah has fought 24.
-Key similar oppoents: Jimmy Jack Judah, Miguel Cotto, Freddie McPheerson, Carlos Maussa (RIP), Rey De Los Santos. We would like to hear their opinions on who will win.
Freddy McPheerson -

"I had three fights with Quintana...all of which could have gone either I know him VERY well...if Judah boxes smart and brings the best of his speed and power at the right times, he can beat Quintana...just like I would if we were to tangle again...."

The CEO on behalf of the late Carlos Maussa -

"I remember after Maussa lost a close one to Quintana, he told me Quintana was the future of the league...they gained a strong mutual respect for each other and became fast friends after that fight....sadly, it was a friendship that didn't last too long.......(gets teary eyed).............yeah............anyway.......these are two legendary fighters from The Golden Era of our league....they've both done and seen it I don't know....I can't see a clear winner or edge....might put alot of dough on the Draw....."
Thats a nice fight. Im going with good ol' Zab by first round knockout ohmy.gif
This fight was a long time in the making. Quintana has the ability to outbox Judah and should win a decision.
Quintana won a close MD over Zab......Quintana landed more punches but Zab landed the harder ones.
Why was a rematch scheduled for this weekend?
Well BJH, the champion was set to defend his title....and every decent contender besides a few like Herms Franca, Hatton, Jabdiel Judah were already set to fight. So it was only right to make this fight unless it was tune ups...Judah-Quintana are old warriors who have already sealed their legacy and this is simply a rematch to a great first fight
Quintana got a draw in his last title fight vs Ngodjo and didnt get a rematch of course.
Quintana win or lose vs. Zab should get the title next....Remember, Zab is open to fight anyone, anytime. Zab is my favorite fighter ever but I feel he is close to retirement and i want to see him fighting the best. I hope Quintana doesnt mind sad.gif
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