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Full Version: Team Judah signs new fighter.....
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Antonio "The Magic Milk Dud" Tarver

"Hello ladies and gentlemen...I am Antonio Tarver.

I just got back from winning the World Amateur 175 pound title by 3rd round TKO. That shit was easy. My opponent was from Russia and I blooded that poor boy`s nose with my jab, hurt him with my left, unloaded on him while he laid helpless on the ropes.

After the fight, reporters gathered around me and asked me how did I do it so easily. I simply replied, "I was born to do this. I am Antonio Tarver. Remmeber the name."

Me being a legend is inevitable. I WILL SHOW YOU HOW GREAT I AM. I have complied a 75-1 amateur record and guess what, that one loss was a robbery and I avenged it by TKO.

I`ll end it here.

All I can say is, I`m great. Or a future great. Fuck it, right now I AM! The best amateur in the world has just turned pro. There is a reason I was instantly signed by Team Judah. Their scouts know talent when they see it...Antonio Tarver has alot of that. I have more talent in my pinky than those other prospects. Peace out man.

FH asked Tarver what he though of the Bute-Pascal rivarly. Tarver, replied "It`s pretty good. Hopefully these hacks are around long enough to be victims on my resume. Now excuse me, I have a fight this Sunday to train for. I don't have time for interviews, ask me shit, after I knock this fuckin' can out. Okay?"

"Wow, this kid thinks he's the shit...Hopefully he ain't another Kimbo Slice." said the reporter."
Jean Pascal:

"Ive seen the guy fight. He won an amateur bout against some Canadian kid I knew from sparring, so I went there and watched that amateur boxing event. Tarvers a talented fighter, yo know, Im interested how he will look as a pro. Who knows what will happen, man? Jean Pascals still planning to be number 1 for a long time."
More Q&A with Tarver

Q: Who are your favorite boxers?
AT: Well, The Prince is someone I idolize. Of course, I will surpass him in the end, but I respect his genius. We are made from the same mold. I love Roger Mayweather too. He is my hero. Touch Of Sleep too. He was a bad ass.

Q: Who are your least favorite fighters?
AT: Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn and Jean Pascal.

Q: Why?
AT: I don't know. I just want to beat those old fucks when I gain enough experience.
So the Magic Milk Dud has gone 0-2...but gave a lvl 18 fighter hell in his 2nd pro fight..laugh.gif
An emotional Antonio Tarver speaks..

"Well, this wasn't how my fucking career was supposed to start? What the hell was Zab Judah thinking putting me in with Bobo Judah in my 2nd pro fight?

I know why.

Because Bobo Judah is family to him and he wanted to give Bobo a little win.

Well, Bobo fuckin' Judah, you beat Antonio Tarver. It might be the best win of your career but when I am more experienced, I will beat your ass.

See, Antonio Tarver was the best Amateur in the world. I easily have the best right jab in the business and probably the best left straight.

I'm just saying this to put you motherfuckas on check, peace out, this is your boy Antonio "The Magic Milk Dud" Tarver. A legend in the making.

(Walks away)

Okay laides and gentlemen, you can now take pictures of me, The former Light-Heavyweight Amateur Chamoion, as I pose with my Gucci Sunglasses.
Antonio Tarver, 0-2.
Bobo Judah: "Why you say such mean thing to Bobo. Bobo no make fights. Bobo just win fights. Bobo smash."
We have a new fighter that might turn out to be special...David Archuleta. He is about the nicest and most humble guy in the world...but the Gym hates him.
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