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I bought the "complete band game" at 8 this morning and have been playing for almost 5 hours straight.... blink.gif

just got done playing "Stranglehold" by Ted Nugent..........Jesus Christ....what a fucking JAM that is!!

Game of The Year.

My mate bought one of those games a couple of years back and within a week he decided he wanted to play the real guitar.

Now he can play some bloody superb stuff and its gotta be more satisfying than playing a game?
Well I don't wanna play the real guitar, Maxy....I just wanna jam in the privacy of my home...

Trust me....the game is satisfying. Look how popular it is.....
I'm not dissing the game even if I may have come across a touch dismissive about it. I suppose circumstance dictates preference. Like I said, my mate bought the game and it gave him a buzz to learn the guitar for real. You played for 5 hours today...thats how he was with the real guitar when he had the time. Then he lost his job and would spend all of his time smoking weed and teaching himself the guitar. His girlfriend left him and he began writing blues tracks and playing some pretty good stuff.

What am I on about? Damn, it's only 20.14 here and I'm already half-cut. Excuse the babble.
I hear'm a committed family man now....nearing 40 years old....I ain't about to grow my hair long and smoke myself into oblivion learning "Stairway To Heaven"....
i might pick this up......will my rock band shit work with it or should i just get world tour instruments?
Your RB instruments won't work with you gotta get the GH instruments........I haven't gotten into the drums and mic yet so I can't speak on their quality....but the new guitar with the tap slider and longer whammy bar is ALMIGHTY....that and the gameplay is better than ever....
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