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Full Version: Angus makes Green challenge official
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Harold "Harry" Angus has officially challenged Allan Green to box him on Sunday November 16th for the undisputed world cruiserweight championship.

Angus, due to box Mike Tyson this weekend, called a press conference to announce his plan - and his demands -to the worlds sports press. News filtered through that something big was going to be announced by Angus, with many suggesting he may be quitting promoting fights, or that he was going to retire for good. However, Angus, smiling broadly and smoking a Cuban cigar told reporters, "I had a great career and I should have walked away with my pride and my record in tact right after I beat Lanky Gawn. I didn't do that and as time went on I started boxing just to enjoy beating people up. I beat up a lot of bums. In a way its tainted me. Not my legacy, that's already gone down in history, but its tainted the affection I had from some of my fans. They wanted to see me box a live opponent, somebody who could threaten me, maybe even beat me. I let them down. I hold my hands up and admit I didn't want to go through the pain barrier again. I wanted to fight tomato cans and beat up tomato cans. It was like a drug. Then the name Allan Green kept popping up, everywhere I went fans kept asking the same question...'when you gonna fight Allan Green?' I thought about it long and hard and then I figured I owed my fans that fight. I coulda walked away from the sport but because I kept active, albeit against relative bums, my name was always in the picture. I had to bite the bullet and and take up the challenge. That is why I want to challenge Allan Green....for a 12 round bout at cruiserweight to be fought on November 16th...the title has to be on the line so it is important that Green retains his title this weekend against Red Death. My demands? Well I've got two. No.1, I want Darnell "Good News" Jiles to sign for Krumbsnatcher immediately after his next fight and no.2, I want Green to face Danny "Bad News" Gawn in his next defence after this weekends fight. I will be responsible for promoting both the Gawn-Green bout and of course, my bout with Green. I believe that as the huge name I am this offer is very tempting for Allan Green and Arena SHO. It is non-negotiable. Allan Green has long wanted to test himself against me and I have now offered him the opportunity to do just that. I look forward to hearing from both him and Arena SHO in the very near future."
Shortly after Harold "Harry" Angus' press conference had taken place, Fighthype caught up with reigning Cruiserweight Champion Allan Green to get his thoughts about the offer Angus made public.

"I knew this fight had to happen sooner or later. I always understood Angus' position, I always knew he had already done pretty much everything and could have hung them up for good. But at the end of the day hes the best Cruiserweight ever and Im the best Cruiserweight right now and also the best Light Heavyweight ever. Now this fight is going to happen. There aint no other way. Shaoting is a good fighter, one I really like having a W against in my record. But he aint gonna stop me from that last big fight that has to take place. Im already a future hall of famer and one of the best fighters P4P in the world. But when Ive beaten Angus, there aint no debate, I will be one the very best who ever lived.
I still remember the Angus vs. Alexeev fight in a time when I was still a prospect and both these guys were definitely in their prime. Angus pulled it off, but Alexeev gave him hell. That was pretty much the last big battle at Cruiserweight. Now the next is on its way and I will give Angus more hell than he can handle. I love Alexeev, hes a great guy and a great fighter, but he still got that european style and he never had the athleticism I bring to the table. So I will be the first man ever to stop Angus. Its going to happen."

Thus far Arena SHO promotions has not made an official statement though. According to sources really close to their gym, head coach Travis "Tremendous" Simms has got into a little conflict with Allan Green because he believes there are no circumstances that could make a transfer of Darnell "Good News" Jiles reasonable. Simms has trained Jiles since his pro debut and has stated that Jiles can become a P4P fighter in previous interviews.
Prospect Danny "Bad News" Gawn has declared he is willing to be part of the deal that makes Angus-Green possible but he feels he will derail the plan by beating Green.

He said, "First off Green has to beat Shaoting which isn't a dead cert. Then he has to beat me? I don't think he can. I think I will scupper the plans completely if Green goes through with it. I'm pretty convinced that this is an elaborate plan by Angus to sign a top notch fighter in Jiles for absolutely nothing. Angus is being clever here."

Deep Freeze Gawn said, "Green wants to do this but will his team agree to it? I have my doubts. This is very risky. Like Bad News said, if he beats Green, Angus-Green is off and Arena SHO lose a world class fighter for nothing. Arena SHO will have to think very carefully about this because all the cards are stacked in Angus' favour. Not only is he demanding a fighter as part of the deal, he's also putting in a clause which states Green has to box Bad News first. I admire Green regardless of whether or not he accepts this deal."

By issuing this challenge Angus has effectively covered his back to all fans who wanted him to fight Allan Green, but by the same token he has made it difficult for Arena SHO to accept. He did a similar thing with Shaoting and Shaoting lost so maybe Angus is banking on another slip up, this time from Green. Smart business? We'll see.
Former P4P Champion Travis Simms has officially talked to the press now and made his oppinion on the deal clear:

"That offer is just crazy, man. I aint Darnell, I aint Ahmed Oner, but there should be no freakin consideration doing that. I havent even talked to Darnell yet if he would even be willing to sign with Angus because personally I wouldnt recommend it, man. But any, come on, you dont give your fuckin damn best young fighter away for maybe nothing. Darnell will beat Pietrus, Im sure about that. And he will beat a lot of other guys afterwards. He will do that whoever he trains with, but beleive me, hell look better doing it with me, man."

Arena SHO owner Oner still hasnt made anything public. According to the Turkish press, though, he was not happy about the fact of Green talking about the deal without speaking with anyone at Arena SHO before.
Shaoting: "It is bad new to schedule a fight with Angus ahead of time. I have done it twice and lost both times. This may not be a good sign for Green."

Rj ":The Freak" Mendoza: "I want my fucking title shot. I am long overdue and I am the number one contender based on wins and resume."
QUOTE(Richard "Dick" Butkiss - Former #1 Pound For Pound Fighter - Former 3-Time Light Heavyweight World Champion - 2 Undisputed Light Heavyweight Title Reigns)
I've been in the ring with both of these guys and it will be one hell of a battle. I'll reserve my opinion on how the fight plays out until the contract between these two is officially signed. And by the way, I'm the greatest Light Heavyweight of all time!
Roy Jones Jr.

"No I am!"
Look past Red Death and you get KTFO.
Harold "Harry" Angus admitted he didn't know whether to laugh or cry after seeing Allan Green blow their big money fight by being knocked out in the 8th round of his title defence against Red Death Shaoting.

Angus, sitting ringside for the fight, looked stunned as he witnessed Green being counted out for the first time in his career and he later told reporters, "That result has cost me a lot of money. Green is off the radar now. He blew it big time. Congratulations to Red Death, he proved to be the better man and I think he's the top dog without a doubt at cruiser now."

When asked if the timing of Angus' challenge to Green could have affected Allan's mind state, Harry smiled and said, "Never look past your next opponent. Green has been a pro for long enough to know that. As far as I'm concerned he's damaged goods now. I've got no interest in fighting him. I don't know where he'll go after this defeat. Knocked out by a man Deep Freeze Gawn knocked out. Don't look good does it?"
Damn laugh.gif

Good job BJH.

Allan Green fucked up.
Man going allout keeps getting my fighters KOd lately against these twigs. Allan Green has hung them up now, lets see what he new prospects can do against Shaoting.

Andre Dirrell: "Man I fucked up last night. But I will be back. I will be the best light heavyweight ever!"
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