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Full Version: The Welterweight Division Just Got Put On Notice
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Undefeated Welterweight Puerto Rican Star 5' 11" Trinidad now (19-0-0 17KOs) just TKO'd top contender Andre Berto who falls to (22-4-0 15KOs) in an exciting 147 lb. matchup that saw both fighters fight in the inside all night long in an action packed fight.

Trinidad is now ranked according to WeBL as the #1 contender for the Welterweight Championship Of The World. Following the fight, his interpreter said "Trinidad just put the whole welterweight division on notice with this performance, he's for real."

Trinidad's handlers have many options, some want him to keep knocking off top 10 contenders at 147 before fighting the champion. Others want him to fight immediately for either the 147 lb title or make a jump to 154 for a title shot there.
Nice win....but I want to see him try a tough vet like Terry Norris
Harold "Harry" Angus, who was at ringside for Trinidads bout with Berto, was glowing in his post fight analysis of the new welterweight prospect. He told reporters, "If I could sign the kid he'd be here now. He's the best welterweight contender I've seen in a long time, a fighter who could, quite possibly achieve unparalleled dominance at 147. He beat Berto like no other fighter has done, and he looked spectacular in doing it. Terrific work rate, bravery, stamina, was all there. I really believe he can carve out a great career at 147 but I would advise him not to move up to light middle unless he's struggling to make the weight. He can be a great champion at 147 and I can see a superfight between himself and El Toro at 153 sometime in 2009."
BREAKING NEWS : Skye-Trinidad This Sunday For The Welterweight Championship!

Breaking in here at Fighthype, Undefeated Puerto Rican Star Trinidad (19-0-0 17KOs) is set to take on the reigning 4-Time Welterweight Champion Of The World Brittney Skye (35-14-2 22KOs) for the Welterweight Championship Of The World. These 2 fighters on paper should give one of the best power punching action fights in the history of Welterweight Championship fights. Trinidad through his interpreter was quoted as saying "I will be fighting my fight as the fans have been watching. I will go in there and try to knock her out. I believe in my power, I believe my power will win."

Tickets are selling out fast for what is potentially a Fight Of The Year Candidate.
To much to soon. Trinidad is in way over his head
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