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Full Version: Great Video...
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2nd greatest boxer EVER

Great vid!!!!
Wicked vid. Nice one.

No other sport has had someone like Ali.

Boxing hasn't had one since.
Box in Hand
Only Sugar Ray Robinson moved with speed that fluid. Ali never looked like he struggled to punch. He could also knock you out going backwards which is rare. Plus, to top it all off he had one of the best personalities ever in sports. Many try to imitate but it never works (Hint Hint, Floyd Mayweather).
awesome! Ali got me hooked on boxing! drinks.gif
Box in Hand
QUOTE(caneman @ Nov 12 2008, 12:53 PM) [snapback]410576[/snapback]
awesome! Ali got me hooked on boxing! drinks.gif

The girl in this pic has the best onion I've seen all year.
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