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Full Version: Angus rips Holmes
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Harold "Harry" Angus has today announced his belief that world heavyweight champion Larry Holmes will always fall short in his quest to be recognised as an all time great.

Speaking at the press conference for Trinidad-Sky, Angus told reporters, "Larry Holmes wants to be known as a great fighter because he had some great fights and took some great fighters close. That ain't ever gonna be enough to go down as a great though. Truth is, Holmes has failed to be a dominant force for a long enough period to achieve greatness. His biggest achievement was drawing with Dipsy Gawn, then losing the following two fights. He drew, won and lost against Cuban Link Pink, he got knocked out by Alexeev, who like myself, was never a true heavyweight and most damning of all, he drew with Ice Cream Gawn and refused to grant a rematch. Yeah, he beat The Prince, but what does that mean? Deep Freeze Gawn drew with The Prince. Nothing big about that. Now he says he's got two fights left. Two fights? He needs two huge fights to get himself ranked amongst the top echelons of heavyweight greats. He's proud of his win over Lanky...yeah, good win, but Lanky boxed the wrong fight that night. Larry - I tell it how it is, you's not no great fighter son. You just ain't lived it long enough, proved it long enough and beaten the best on a consistent basis. Good fighter, yeah, I'll give him that...great fighter? Not a chance."
"My greatness is secured. Harold Angus is a fraud and if he ever fights me, I will school him. But he's happy with beating Burger King employees for the rest of his career."
QUOTE(The Prince)
It's time to clear the my own worst enemy. my ONLY competition... cursed.

Cursed with being 10 times better than any other Heavyweight in the history of this league and fighting DOWN to the level of my opponents...

Which brings me to Pink and Holmes....I am 1-1 versus Pink, and I lost a close decision to Holmes...

Seeing how I've faced both men, I can tell you this...that beyond a shadow of a doubt...Larry Holmes is 10 times better than that self promoting, flash in the pan, Sennen Pink.

I beat Pink easily in our first fight. The only reason it was close was because I had an undeveloped chin at the time and suffered flash knockdowns. He was so desperate in the rematch that he decided the only chance he had was to strictly go all out...after 3 flash knockdowns in round 5, the ref had to call the fight...I wasn't tired at all and had a bloody lip. Pink was spent, and his face was mush...

So what happens after that? Pink doesn't grant me a rematch and ducks me the rest of his sham career...never speaking my name again...because he KNEW and KNOWS.

To summarize......Larry Holmes...All Time Great...

Sennen Pink...not in the Top Ten Heavies...

Me? The Prince.

THE Best Heavyweight EVER.
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