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Full Version: Zab Judah to close his career..against Jose Luis Ramirez
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Zab Judah, a fighter that is 20 IP's from losing another AP will drain himself to make weight against the Lightweight champion.

Judah was KO'd in 10 in his last fight against a contender. Judah is basically shot and will be weight drained for this fight.

According to most experts, Judah has little to no chance against Jose Luis Ramirez. In fact, a Zab Judah fight would be equivalent to a tune up vs. Jose Luis Ramirez.

This fight will happen next.

This could be a very tragic end to the career of Zab Judah. He will go for the KO straight away...if he gets KO'd himself, so be it.

There will be no comebacks after this fight.

Judah's taken too much damage and will have to retire.

Zab Judah wants "Running Man", Cotto and McPheerson to walk him into his final bout.

Give it up for Zab!!!

Edit...but he is still open for a Cotto fight..if Cotto's punk ass wants it.
I think Zab is going to get seriously hurt in this one. Ramirez deserves an easy opponent and in Zab Judah he's definitely getting one.

It'll be brutally one-sided.
Zab Judah Interview: This is going to be some sick shit!

FH: Zab, you looked terrible in your last fight...
ZJ: I know...I aint wanna make no excuses for my performance...but uknowmsayin...I didnt really take that guy seriously...he wore me down and stopped me late....That was the first time I been stopped in a long time...I aint feel good about that...

FH: You're next opponent is quite possibly the best pressure fighter alive today.
ZJ: Yeah, I know...but this is how I wanna go out..uknowmsayin...I might as well go out against the best!!!

FH: Several fighters think this will be a painful matchup for you..
ZJ: Listen, y'all may not remember this..but I fucked up mad dudes in the past! Mike Taylor, a PRIME Herman NGdoujo..not todays shot ass fighter dropping decisions to Cotto...Lights Out....I dish beatings too!

FH: I guess we can expect nothing less than a war this Sunday?
ZJ: No doubt...U know how I do son....I know dis dude gon' have the advantage late cuz of his Ima try to RIP his head off the first 5 rounds! Look, I realize I ain't exactly prime no mo'....da only thang prime left in me is my heart yo...and my ability to knock fools the fuck out!

FH: Your rival Miguel Cotto was also knocked out..against Juan Herrera.
ZJ: Cotto looked bad in that fight yo..we both looked terrible...Cotto is now gon' get fucked up vs. my teen popstar, platinum selling artist JoJo...that shit gon' be sooooo embarrassing...but should he win...well I guess we can have Judah-Cotto IV!

FH: this being your last fight is not a sure thing....
ZJ: Nah man...y'all may have forgot that I am a GENIUS, you know what I'm sayin...I born a fighter and I was BORN a GENIUS..I will find a way to beat Jose Luis Ramirez in the first 6 rounds of the fight...and if Cotto should beat JoJo..we will fight!

FH: Any prediction?
ZJ: I predict a very exciting fight! I'm sure Ramirez ain't fought no one that can punch like dat KID from BROWNSVILLE BROOKLYN.

FH: What if the younger guy/girl Ramirez, JoJo win..
ZJ: Look fool, I'm knockin' Ramirez out..ain't gon' be no JoJo-Ramirez rematch....becuz Ramirez is getting da business....I'm whip that boys ass! He has that Mexican style...U knowmsayin...of body work and pressure...but he ain't neva fought no one that can punch like MEEEEEEEE! Hey Ramirez, don't fight scuuuuuuuuuured

FH: Well, thank you Zab. You've had an inspiring career.
ZJ: Fasho...Check out the fight this Sunday..and check out my new Supa Judah BK clothing line and Grillz..hollaaaa
OMG...Zab Judah just KO'd Ramirez in 1! Zab went all out like he said and got the KO!
Harold "Harry" Angus has accused Zab Judah of bribing Ramirez to take a dive and says he wants the authorities to step in and investigate the fight.

Angus opposed the fight when it was originally muted and last night he told fighthype, "The connections between Zab and Ramirez are too close for comfort and I am certain that dirty tricks have been used to manipulate this result. Ramirez dived, I'm convinced of it and I want, I demand, an investigation."
Harold is an absolute scumbag for trying to downplay Judah's big win.
Angus is unrepentant and has officially complained to the authorities about this result.
huge, huge, HUGE win for's a shame my boy, "Eye" Piyeh, has to rain on his parade.
Dont forget Don King is still involved with Team Judah!

But Zabs definitely back in the mix. After losing to Mbenga ... How could that happen by the way? biggrin.gif
lol..That loss to Mbenga was terrible..I tried to make Judah outhustle him (I don't know why I tried that fightplan). Judah is a 6 round fighter. For maybe 4 rounds, he is the greatest offensive force. If you make it past 6, you can beat him. Kind of like the REAL Tyson and Judah.
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