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Full Version: Maxy, Cyrus, C.E.O, Blayde, BigJuicyHog, Ghost, Etc, Etc
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David Archuleta (1-0-0, 1 KO) will fight veteran Flashy Jackson this coming Sunday.

Flashy Jackson is a vet with some good wins. He is 20-17-0.

David Archuleta, when it's all said and done, will be the most beastly fighter out of Team Judah ever...He can punch, he can box, he has a chin, he has heart...he is the real deal. We have some other prospects but this kid is our main man.

His gym hates him as you all know...and so does the boys at II...but Dipsy has praised him.

I think the sport needs a fresh young talent like this...he WILL be the face of our league weather you like it or not!

We are looking to put Miguel Cotto, Freddie McPheerson, Jose Luis Ramirez, Josh Joshua on his resume in the future.

But first, he must go through the task of beating bums and shot fighters for about 16 fights.

Word is, he is going to fight Mark "Too Sharp" Johnson after this fight..another vet with alot more experience. Johnson is a former Champion too.

Just giving you all a warning.

David Archuleta ain't nothing but the truth..and although he is soft and looks like a bitch...he IS a monster deep down inside.

Who would wanna fight THIS GUY...


Krumbsnatcher fighters have asked to be kept away from this kid. He is fearsome and none of them fancy being mauled by either him or his dog.

We just hope he stays in America. worried_anim.gif

But be careful, man, Flashy Jacksons got some status points ohmy.gif
and I'm warning YOU, Blayde....Mitul "Eye" Piyeh is gonna whoop Hatton's ass tonight.

Uh Piyeh got his ass handed to him. When The Hitman steps into the ring, you can do whatever you want, it wont stop him from hugging you, man! Ricky even went inside for some rounds, he wasnt supposed to do this, he was supposed to grab and hold for 12 rounds, but he put on a show aggressive.gif
Please....Piyeh got ROBBED! You know Mitul was the standout of the two last night.....

I swear...I spent a full 30 minutes training him and developing that plan.....just to get shafted again....

Piyeh lost to RICKY HATTON of all people, C.E.O wink.gif
Did I mention that they fought in Manchester last night?

"Eye" Piyeh is the best Super Lightweight in The World....he can only get robbed so many times.....he'll be the Champ sooner or later.

Watch that coward Hatton duck him...

Rickys the peoples champion! Hed actually deserve a title shot, but as Herrera is ruling the division, The Hitman wouldnt have a problem with kicking Eye's ass again. Only in Manchester, of course, Ricky doesnt have to give him the rematch and Eye cant draw a number of people close to what Ricky does.
Hatton is the people's CHUMP....he's got ovaries for balls.

Big G....clear your PMs. I got one for ya.....
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